KS8: iPad has turned down volume of right hearing aid

Lately, I have noticed that my IPad using MFI has turned down/off the volume of only the right hearing aid of my KS8s. When I access the IPad settings (by tapping three times on the home key and sure enough the app shows that the setting of the right aid is basically off and I can set it on again. I didn’t interact at all with my iPad to make this volume go down. Has anyone else had this issue?

I have no experience with KS8 aids but my Oticon OPN S 1 aids are MFi.

You don’t by chance also have your aids paired with an iPhone (or other Apple device like an iPod)? With my Oticons, if I have them paired to both an iPhone and an iPad and have Bluetooth on on both, it appears that the two devices fight for control and the volume changes (one and not the other or both) and I get beeps and it is basically unusable. With Bluetooth on with one device and off with the other, the aids work fine.

Do you have the most recent iPadOS? It is supposed to have some fixes. My iPad is at 14.4 and works pretty well with my Oticon aids. Things were a bit buggy with some earlier versions. That said, Apple and possibly the HA manufacturers have to work out which Apple device takes control if multiple devices are paired to the MFi aids.

I have basically the same problem with my ks8.It works pretty good if my iPhone is connected and the iPad is not. I either turn Bluetooth off of the one I DON’T want to stream. Or turn the whole thing off.

If I am using both iPad and iPhone I turn Bluetooth off of the one I don’t need. BUT, if I accidentally turn Bluetooth on to the iPad, my hearing aids go whacko. Sometimes both go silent, sometimes they cycle on and off or start making beeps. I have to open the battery doors to reset.

Seems to be worse since iOS 14. I usually just keep Bluetooth off the iPad unless I am watching a long video.

I’ve even had iPad forget them at times just to stop the nonsense.

I had a similar issue . The right HA would not connect to the app I deleted the app and reinstalled Choice - problem solved.