KS8 8.0 programming results

I recently started programming my Costco KS8.0 and the Noah-link Wireless setup was very painless.

I asked my pro if I would benefit from enabling bandwidth compression (frequency lowering) on the TV program and she said maybe but re-directed me to something else both times I brought it up.

So I set it up myself. I added an additional TV program and enabled bandwidth compression on one, but not the other. So now if I’m watching a show or movie I use the program that has bandwidth compression, and if I’m mostly listening to music I use the TV program that doesn’t have bandwidth compression.

Also, I recently discovered how to increase soft speech without affecting louder sounds. On fine tuning, loudness tab, there are adjustments by frequency, for soft sounds (and medium and loud sounds), so I increased just soft sounds in the speech range, a couple of db. I will live with that for a couple of weeks, but it seems to be about right. You can also just drag a segment of the curve for 50db up, but I like clicking the numbers better.

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I’m impressed that someone with your audiogram can wear the KS8.0. I wasn’t aware that its fitting profile extended that far into profound hearing loss. Is there somewhere I can see the documentation on this?

Also, can you tell me in general where you bought your NOAHlink Wireless unit? The manufacturer warns of illegal (and substandard) units for sale on e-Bay. True? Or just a response to competition that undermines a high-profit distribution system?

Your success at self-programing is encouraging. Thanks.

It’s called Noahlink Wireless. Here’s why the spelling is important;
Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless

I have the power receiver (70 db gain). There is also a high power receiver (80 db gain). The highest setting I have is around 53 or 54 db which is about half my loss for those frequencies, and that’s about all I can stand, and that’s still less than First Fit.

I bought it from a “company” (probably one guy) who also sold hearing aids and had 100% positive reviews. The reason I took a chance on that is that hearing aids would be virtually impossible to fake, what with manufacturers software connecting to them, so if he had 100% selling hearing aids he was probably selling real devices. The NoahLink Wireless arrived in a few days from Korea, had a Hisma company seal, and appeared to be new in box, never opened. It works as expected.

Don, glad to hear someone else is programming KS8s. I just got my setup going: Connexx8 with the Noahlink Wireless, but I haven’t made any changes yet. When I first connected, it did update my HA firmware. I’m very interested in your comments about soft sounds. My daughter has a very soft voice and I don’t understand her well. Something else I’d like to check is OVP (possibly called “My Voice in the KS8s.

I bought my Noahlink Wireless unit on EBay: just over $300 (including shipping). It was a local (US) seller. New and worked well. The Korean units went for about that price, but the shipping was the killer: $25-$60.

I bought mine from the same guy in early March of this year. $300 plus $30 shipping from Korea. Arrived in 6 days. It was brand new and in an unopened box. I’ve never had a problem with it and I used it all the time for the first couple of months.

Somebody on the forum here said you could find them for $250, but I don’t think a link was provided and my searches never found them for $250. The eBay seller had (and still has) a 100% positive feedback rating from over 3000 buyers. So I figured it was a safe purchase and like Don, I’m happy with my purchase.


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Just started programming the KS8. Got my Noaklink Wireless off eBay from a guy in Ohio for $209 on a bid. Works fine after I updated the firmware. I had issues connecting at first. Had to get a cheap PC too as I am all Mac and that won’t do it. Interested to hear any fine tuning options anyone has discovered or if anyone has played with compression at all. I don’t use any at this point. I duplicated the automatic program as that was working the best, but higher pitched voices, like my daughter and wife are always challenging especially in any noisy environment. At this point I was able to balance the gain overall better. I am just going to try small changes and test them for a few days at a time.

By compression do you mean frequency compression or amplification compression? I entered your audiogram in Connexx 9 and I see it does not recommend frequency compression, but it can be done manually.

If you mean amplification compression then I think the easy way to try it would be to program each of the potential prescription formulas into a copy of the Automatic program but in a different program slot. Then you can compare how they sound. Here are some:

SmartFit - Experienced

1/3 Gain - Linear (No Compression)

NAL-NL2 - I had to go to a mold instead of closed sleeves to avoid the feedback zone

And finally DSL v5 P receiver in right and HP in Left with molds in both ears - This would probably provide the most high frequency recovery, but also the most potential for feedback issues.

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Wow, that’s really helpful…thanks! I just got back to trying some additional adjustments and it took a little while to figure where this is located, but I will definitely try some of them.

Question: When I add one of these new programs and the parameter, I get a warning “Recalculation Fit recommended. …this will overwrite existing fine tuning…” I am assuming that is what I should do and the only affects the program selected, correct?

Take my advice with some caution. I have no hardware to connect the Connexx software to hearing aids. I only run the Connexx in Simulation mode so I can’t do any real damage to anything. If I get into trouble I just delete the “client” and start over again. If you are going to do something it is worthwhile to save a copy of where you are first. The recommendation to recalculate fit is an indication you have changed something that will require a different fit. If you have the current fit saved it is fine to overwrite it. Then save it again after it has recalculated. Yes, my understanding is that you can do a first fit formula selection for each additional program without affecting the other programs.

These various prescription formulas are found in the First Fit section of the software. From there you would proceed to make the finer adjustments.

The KS8 can hold 5 additional programs in addition to the default Automatic one. Probably the best way to compare the formulas is to use these additional program slots starting with the Automatic and then applying each different formula. Once programmed you will be able to switch from one to the other to compare how they sound.

Absolutely, I made a copy of the original settings using a different client. Then created a working client and preserved the original programs. Only tinkering with new duped programs.

Thank you for the great input. It’s too bad there isn’t a full manual describing the features and setting options readily available, though most are fairly obvious I guess. I did watch the audiology online session for Connexx 8.5.1 (Signa) but it doesn’t really describe Rexton HAs too well, plus the audio on the tutorial was terrible (go figure).

I had a quick look at the software and it is not obvious to me exactly how you can put different prescriptions in different programs. There is no choice of programs in the First Fit screen. That said it may be possible to create a First Fit for the default program, then make a new program which should/may use the main automatic program. So for each new First Fit you may, you also make one more copy of it. I will give it a try and report back if it works…

Edit. I can’t seem to make it work. There is a couple and decouple programs icon in the tuning section, but as soon as I do the first fit over or recalculate it seems to change all the programs.

The only other way it may be possible is for a fitter having a real ear measurement system, they may be able to set up each program differently according to the formulas in the REM software. About all I can think of.

I guess if you are doing your own programming you would have to change all programs at once, try it for a while and change them all again.

Sorry for misleading you…

I opted not to recalculate fit after changing the the “fitting formula” in a duplicated program; concerned that will alter other programs. Now the First Fit is not checked off. This guide is pretty helpful (http://www.sfu.ca/~baw2/hearing/cxx7guide110614.pdf), but not that clear about whether all programs would be affected by recalculating fit (bottom of p12). The specific program appears to be the only thing selected when this option is shown.

There is a bit of Connexx 9 fitting information at this link.

Thanks, I had seen some of those through youtube, but not all. Does help explain a few things.