KS8.0 whooshing problem

Turned them on yesterday (Sunday) and the left one was making a whooshing sound, like static. I thought something was running and making that sound and I started looking for that. Then I realized it was just the left. I got in a quiet space and turned it off and on a couple of times, and the startup tones played normally, then at the end the whooshing started.

I called Costco, and as they are open on Sunday, they said, come on.

They confirmed my thought that it was not a receiver, and are sending it for repair.

Very concerned about having a repair so soon. I’m in my backup KS5.0 now. Luckily it is a light week for meetings but I do have my Phone Clip+ to use with my office phone.

I will let everyone know what happens. I’m still within the Costco 180 day trial period.

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I’ve had something similar occur with hearing aids I’ve trialed. I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with the fact that your left ear hears better. Have you tried the right hearing aid in your left ear (awkward but generally doable)?

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No, it is definitely a new event, and not dependent on environmental noise. I got in a known quiet place to verify it was not picking up something in the environment. I’m in the trial period but had the hearing aids since end of Feb.

Does reducing the volume change the volume of the noise? Have you tried the right hearing aid in your left ear? I’m not suggesting environmental noise being amplified, but internal noise of the hearing aid.

It is only happening in the left hearing aid. It is something being generated by the hearing aid. The pro evaluated it, hears the sound, and agreed it was malfunctioning. It has been sent to Rexton for repair.

Ah, I’d missed that the pro had heard it too.

That’s a good idea about testing HA in reverse ear. :slight_smile: I had a static/popping problem in left recently, and specialist brought up possibility about the “better ear (very mild loss)” detecting the static. That wasn’t the case, but I didn’t think about testing if my right ear could hear the static, or to see what my right HA sounded like in my left. Good tip.

I think the problem is resolved – just dealt with it yesterday afternoon. Specialist changed the receiver to a less powerful one. So far, so good.