KS8.0 and Telecoil


I’ve recently upgraded from KS6.0 to KS8.0 and chose to go with the telecoil option. This was so I could take advantage of loops at train stations, performance venues and the like. The telecoil program is set to mT mode.

Over the last few days I’ve been attempting to test the telecoil functionality at various train stations near me, all of which are listed by the train operators as having hearing loops available. I’m switching to the telecoil program when on the platform, but announcements don’t appear to be received by the hearing aids.

I do hear a slight hum whenever the program is selected, and also hear the ambient sound of the announcements.

Am I doing something wrong? Could both devices be faulty or not set up correctly for audio loops? I’m expecting to receive direct audio of the station announcements directly to the hearing aids, much like streaming music or a phone call via Bluetooth - is my expectation wrong here?

You might need to be in a specific area that has the actual loop. It should be identified by a symbol like the logo of this site.

This is what I thought, but wandering around the station there didn’t appear to be any signage. It’s a rather sparse, unstaffed country station.

The accessibility guide does say it has a loop installed: https://www.vline.com.au/getattachment/6f9c433c-a72d-4a94-85c6-d5516964837b/V-Line-journey-card-Gippsland-line (Nar Nar Goon)

edit: I’ve just fired off an email to V/Line about this, we’ll see what they say.

I discovered the sign in a cafeteria type food area on a ferry of all things. I did a double take. Only the till and the hot food ordering area picked up a loop.

This is why I opted out of telecoil. Just hadn’t seen much support for it. Then again, I hadn’t really been looking for it, but I tend to notice stuff like that.

I think my old, analog Savia Arts had telecoil but I never found anywhere to take advantage of it. Also, I stream music and TV in stereo via other protocols the Marvel supports so telecoil wasn’t on the list.

My first try at self programming was with the digital Savia Art aids.
Moved to the Exelia aids from there.

The only time I have used the tele-coil is with the phone and that’s pretty much useless with the smart phones.

An update!

I tested the Telecoil at a number of railway stations and found it wasn’t working properly. Had a followup appointment at Costco on Friday and it was discovered the telecoil wasn’t set up correctly. This was fixed.

Went to a station afterwards and tried it out, worked fine. Was quite excited to hear the “next train” announcement directly.

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