KS7 xPhone Magnet


Is anyone currently using the xPhone Magnet which comes with the KS7’s? The informational video shows it being installed on a smart phone which has a generous area around the screen. The screen on my Android goes all the way to the edge. I would need to attach the magnet to the screen. Any thoughts?


I’m using it. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4, so there’s room for the magnet right at the top of the display. The whole system is kind of fussy, however. Lots of cute beeps, but it seems to go on and off. Magnet position re the phone seems quite critical. All in all I think it’s the thing I like least about the aids (about which, otherwise, I’m pretty stoked).


Can you get extra magnets? I wondering if you could apply one of those flimsy screen protectors, then apply the magnet to the screen protector. The screen protector would need to be changed out periodically, so you would need a supply of magnets.

Are you opposed to Bluetooth? I don’t like to tell other people how to do things, to each his own, but it would take an awful lot to get me to stick a magnet to my phone’s screen. :eek:


I think the Bluetooth doesn’t work directly with these aids. You need the gizmo that hangs around your neck.

And you’re right it’s kind of annoying.


Yea, that’s what I’m referring to. I think the KS7 uses the EasyTek, doesn’t it? Sometimes my EasyTek can be as finicky as your magnet, in that turning my head often causes the aids to cut out, but aside from that I’m glad I have it. So I guess I was asking if Davemd is opposed to wearing the EasyTek.

Personally, I don’t mind wearing the EasyTek at all. I always wear an undershirt, so it sits between my shirt and undershirt. The push-button is right there at my chest for changing programs and answering/ending calls.

I guess it comes down to choosing the worst of two evils. Do you want a magnet on your screen or a gizmo around your neck?


This is a helpful discussion guys. I currently have a Droid Turbo. There is no possible location to place a magnet on the screen side. Doing so would block part of the display. I am probably switching to the iPhone in the spring.


Does the KS7 have direct to iPhone support? That would solve your problem if it did. Just so long as you know that “made for iPhone” is not a true hands-free solution, but will give you the call clarity that you are looking for. Others on here have indicated that it is a huge improvement over the magnet/telecoil option.

I still recommend the EasyTek. If it doesn’t work for you, I’m sure Costco would refund it, although I would double check that first. The EasyTek would give you the hands-free option with the iPhone as well.

Of course, I’m an android guy, so I would have no problem sticking magnets all over an iPhone screen. :wink:


I could be wrong about this, and muddying the water yet more, but I think what the magnet does is put the aid in whatever telephone program you’ve chosen. In my case, I’m using “acoustic phone.” I don’t think the telecoil is activated here.

I tried setting that mode to telecoil only, and it was unuseable. Buzzy, full of interference, and mostly inaudible. So now I’m pretty sure the phone is just coming through the hearing aid microphone, with the audio settings in that program. The telecoil is not turned on (or I don’t think it is).

But honestly I don’t like it. It seems so utterly kludgy, and isn’t super consistent. There are lots of beeps, because it seems like the position of the magnet is quite sensitive and it seems to cut in an out. The XPhone program – caller audio on both ears – is intriguing, and I’d imagine very useful for some people, but I also found it mostly kind of annoying.

Bizarre that this technology is like a decade behind in this area.


Well, I guess that would depend on how your audi sets it up, but I’m not 100% sure either.

I can hear my cell phone fine, but have a lot of trouble with the phones at work. My audi say it has something to do with cell phone speakers being more “concentrated” and closer to your ear. I asked him about telecoil, and he set it up for me and gave me 4 magnets. I’m at home on disability right now, recovering from surgery, so I haven’t had a chance to try it out. I go back to work on the 27th, so I’ll have more to report then. I work in a shop, not an office, so none of the phones are “mine.” I am constantly turning the volume up, then the next person to come along has to turn it down again. We’ll see if the magnets make any difference.

Bizarre that this technology is like a decade behind in this area.

Completely agree, especially with all this talk of “aging boomers.”

I think I saw in another thread where you were talking of some sort of Bluetooth setup for office phones. When I get back to work I’m going to see what model phones we have, and see if that might be an option. I might be able to get the company to pay for it.


I’m DIY-ing them. I think the dispenser at Costco has basically agreed to turn a blind eye. So I’ve tried all the permutations.

Oh that wasn’t me. I saw the thread, though. It looked very interesting and useful.


A final comment, on the exasperating magnet, which I’ve really given up on…



New HAs, Dave?


I know this is an old thread but I just got the KS7 and have been using the magnet on my android S4. As others have said, positioning is critical and it does cut in and out if I don’t hold the phone in just the right place. But when I do the phone audio streams to both ears and is quite easy to hear. I’m not sure which phone program the HA is set to, but it’s number six. When I try to access number 6 from the remote control app in my phone it isn’t available. Only placing the phone near the magnet will activate this mode. Sometimes only one HA gets activated, and sometimes one or both cut out during a call and then I have to shift the phone to get them to kick in again… Not the smoothest process but perhaps practice will help.


Sounds like you need to re-scan the QR code with your phone to pick up the other programs. You’ll need to get the updated code from the fitter.


No, I confirmed with the store and the phone program can only be activated by the magnet and is not designed to be visible or accessible in the remote control app.