KS7 and Connexx


Hello All

i just placed an order for my first set of hearing aids from Costco. So after spending time reading this forum I would like to explor my own programming down the road. So I got Connexx 8 loaded on my PC but noticed there is no listing for the Kirkland brand. But people here referenced using another brand such as Rexton but I was wondering how do I update or add other hearing aid to this programs database of compatable HA’s.

The idea of programming just intrigues me.



You need to make sure you have the rexfit database. Then you have Connexx detect your hearing aids. It will detect them as KS7s. If you don’t have a programmer and cables yet, you can play around by selecting Rexton 80s (6c) with the appropriate receiver. If this doesn’t help, feel free to PM and I can open up the software and lead you through it more precisely.


OK found the correct version of Connexx…now have to think about a programmer (Hi Pro-USB) and cables (CS44). Picking up my HA in 10 days so lets wait until then.



Don’t forget the “pills” (size 312) to connect the cables to the hearing aids.