KS6 Softswitch Program

Would someone please explain what this program does?

I’m curious what the pro /con comments users could provide.

All brands have some sort of this. They use a variety of names. Softswitch is Software Switching. The device tries to determine the environment and set the program for what it feels is the optimum condition. Some here have reported their brand getting confused and doing a series of changes in the short term. Those are probably very challenging environments.

This feature seems available with newer, higher powered processing. Signal processing improvements might be a work in process for some. I think that future products will seek to improve on current algorithms.

Softswitch is the label for SoftSwitching. It’s a general purpose program that gradually transitions the hearing aid microphones to a directional response when conditions warrant. An alternative choice that your fitter can select for your everyday program is Binaural Directionality (labeled All-Around). This program coordinates microphone mode changes between the two hearing aids so that one side is directional while the other is omni, giving you directional benefit in noise while maintaining environmental awareness.

Great answers. I wish that was explained to me in the first place.