KS6 question

Good day all.

After three years of wearing Rexton Charismos and being very happy with them, I recently got a set of the Costco Kirkland Signature 6 hearing aids. My insurance allows me to upgrade every three years so I thought, “why not?” The added Bluetooth connectivity was a big attraction for me.

Sadly, I’ve had them now for about seven weeks. Four adjustments. My experience with these hearing aids has been horrible. While the connectivity thing is cool, the general sound of these hearing aids is not pleasant. Despite asking, several times, to have the audiologist make the default volume lower, they’re still loud. They seem to amplify noise the best. It’s most of what I hear. When I get out of my car and if there is any wind whatsoever it sounds like steam in my ears. I hear every crinkle of plastic, every fan whirring, every noise that I never used to hear. The problem is, I’m not hearing human speech better.

I don’t have details on my loss but suffice to say, it’s in the human voice range and that’s the main reason I wear hearing aids. My hearing loss in and of itself is not severe.

So I am coming here in hopes that more experienced wearers can offer some advice. Some final points…

-I think the audiologists at this particular costco are just awful. I had a significantly different experience at another location. This may be part of the problem.
-These may just not be the right device for me. I may prefer the quieter sound of the Rexton’s. I may have made a bad choice based on my desire for connectivity.
-Something else I’m not aware of.

Thank you very much for reading and posting your opinion and/or advice.

I recently had the same experience with Costco and KS6. Costco is too far out of the way for me and the fitters were too inexperienced with hearing aids and not knowledgable enough about their products. The hearing aids themselves amplify too much noise and do not discriminate voices well. I don’t even have a phone that works with the bluetooth of the hearing aids so that point is moot.

I’ve recently tried Widex Dream hearing aids, which I am wearing now. They work generally well in most situations. I find the feedback cancellation insufficient with the dome I am wearing. Overall they sound very natural. The amplify voices pretty effectively.

Before that I had Oticon Agil pros. I was never thrilled with those hearing aids. But they did help me quite a bit in the first few years I had them. I came to realize how much conversation I was missing and/or avoiding.

Ultimately I decided to get a used pair of Siemens Binax 7 which are almost identical to the Trax 42 they sell at Costco. They are supposed to be the best hearing aids available at enhancing speech and cancelling noise. I have the aids already but I don’t have them programmed to my specific loss yet. Even wearing them with the wrong prescription though I can already tell that they handle feedback really well.

Ultimately you have to get used to certain arbitrary sounds being amplified because they happen to fall within the frequency range of your hearing loss and that of the human voice. If you wear your hearing aids all the time your brain will start automatically filtering that out. Similarly, you will become better at discriminating voices in the way they are amplified by your hearing aids. Unfortunately the only way to find the best hearing aids for you is a certain amount of trial and error.

You are about to be bombarded on this forum by people telling you that you just need to get used to the new sounds being amplified. In my experience though not all hearing aids amplify undesirable sounds to the same level.

I would recommend going to another Costco location and starting the fitting over from scratch. You might want to have your hearing re-tested as well just to make sure your audiogram is accurate. Your fitter can turn on the wind-noise reduction feature and increase the expansion setting so that amplification of soft environmental noises will be reduced.


post your audiogram and we will let you know what’s best for you lost.

If never ends… what a bullshit artist!

Go back to CostCo AND OR get the tests done again. The KS6 has may features that simply need to be turned on or adjusted (wind noise for one). If they cant get that right, i strongly suggest you go to another COSTCO. a BAD AUDI CAN DESTROY THE EXPERIENCE AND MAKE AIDS VIRTUALLY USELESS. A GOOD AUDI IS A FRIEND FOR LIFE.

Could it be that during the test you waited to click the button until you could hear the tone well? If so you could have fooled the test into thinking your loss was worse than it is. Make sure you click the button as soon as you hear anything. Another possibility is that your old ones were not set high enough.

“I hear every crinkle of plastic, every fan whirring, every noise that I never used to hear.”

Those comments sound like one who was not wearing hearing aids previously.

If you are unhappy with them, you can try the Rexton aids they sell. Ask for a store walk around with those aids. If the problem is the same, it will have something to do with the testing/fitting. If the Rexton seem far superior, you’ll know more.

HOW will you do that exactly? Do you know the shape of his ears and underlying pathology? the amount of wax in there? His aided word scores? ???

From the description, it sounds like an adjustment issue - give the experienced aid wearer a bit of credibility for understanding his own hearing. Reading further into it, it might be that there’s not enough compression of softer sounds, but the aid isn’t overly amplifying sounds at speech levels.

Given his experience, he can either stick or twist - it might be better to drop the Costco set for now and move to another store with a refund in his pocket. Or if he really wants to persevere, get them to call the Rep in to have a crack at tweaking the aids.

None of this advice relies on us ‘knowing’ the loss and the providing an arbitrary Widex diagnosis.


Why do you need to see his audiogram? You and I both know you are going to recommend Widex audibility extender. :slight_smile:

You just can’t be that certain. He may tout 4 microphones as long as the trial costs no more than whatever.

That one comes and goes. But the audibility extender is pretty universal…

This was my reaction to the KS6 too, although except for a 2-week trial with another brand, they were my first HA experience. And also I’d have to say they did help me understand speech better. The aggravation factor was high, though. After the full 90-day trial, I could tolerate them (Costco’s trial period was only 90 days at the time I trialed), but I tried the Rexton Trax 42s and had them also for the last 3 weeks of the KS6 trial. So far as I could tell, both aids helped with speech to the same degree, but even in the half-hour store walk around, the Trax were a blessed relief from the assault of overloud background noises. Not everyone reacts as I did, but you might consider trying the Trax to see, particularly if when you say you had a better experience at a different location you mean a different Costco.

When I made my decision to continue with the Trax and return the KS6, there was no fuss at all. I gave back the aids and everything that came with them, and they credited the AmEx card I paid with.

P.S. I do a lot of dog training outside, and the Trax do seem much better in wind, but that may be a setting.