KS6 and Background Noise

I got my first hearing aids, Kirkland Signature 6 with open domes, about 18 months ago. I have hearing loss in the higher frequencies. In most cases, they have helped a great deal, however when there’s significant background noise (for example, crowded restaurants), the benefit is negligible. The background noise is amplified so much that sometimes I just turn them off. I’ve had them adjusted but the Costco Audiologist said that the model has it’s limitations. Just wondering anyone has had a better result with the premium brands like Phonak, Rexton, or ReSound?

Those aids were right before a big change started that provided much improved directional functions. It was a big improvement. The KS6 is actually the first aid done on Resounds then new hardware platform and they introduced the Linx2 very shortly after the Linx. But, KS6 has the earlier eras software as – did most at the time. They’ve all rapidly improved on that.

I’d love to get another year or so out of the KS6. I’m really tempted to see what the newer models can provide though.

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A lot of the issue is the open domes. It lets in all of the background noise. I’m not sure, but I think the Resound MultiMic is compatible with the KS6. If so, it might help considerably in restaurants. Your KS6 is essentially a Resound Linx. Costco now sells the equivalent of the Linx3 called the Forte.

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