KS10s options V Phonak P90RT wrt Feedback management in Target

Looking for some advice for a member over on facebook - who I have advised to come here.

Long story short - he is an Organ pipe tuner with KS10s who is getting “warbling” tones when he tunes etc. Obviously sounds like feedback management kicking in - this has been confirmed by his Audi who apparently says: -

It IS the feedback manager that causes the high frequency warble distortion. However, there were problems. 1. She said that it cannot be turned off for just one program; that if she turns it off, it’s off for all programs. 2. With it off, there is almost constant feedback.

In my version of Target (7.1) I can access the Phonak P90RT test settings (I don’t have the noahlink yet so can’t access the customised KS10 screens) and can confirm that - unless feedback over-tuning is turned on in the “feedback and real ear test” tab, whistle block is available individually for all programs. Even if over-tuning IS set up you still have feedback control - only for the Music program. This would solve his problem I expect. He ‘just’ need a properly set up music program. If feedback is an issue even with that I suspect he needs more occlusive molds or similar

Anyone with KS10s able to access their target setting and confirm this is the same for the KS10s? I know that “whistleblock” is apparently called “feedback manager” and I know there is a feedback over-tuning option (my Costco audi played with it briefly while I was having my fitting for the KS10s) but no idea if it is called that in the software. I guess one possibility is that Costco version of target is customised to exclude this but why do that? The other possibility is his fitter/audi is wrong…

I bet the KS10 aids are very similar to the KS9 aids.

There are a bunch of threads about setting up a dedicated music program on the KS9 aids with great results.

My understanding is all of the “Block” controls need to be minimized for the best results with music. Lowered to the lowest settings.

Seems I remember one member who also made adjustments on compression to shoot for 1 or linear. Linear is a push button choice that would make this choice very easy.

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Thanks as always @Raudrive, I have the KS10s with a dedicated/custom music program with linear (almost) compression, no feedback attenuation, no noise reduction etc . It works really well for my piano playing AND dedicated music listening!

The problem with the linear push-button choice is that it sets the entire prescription for all programs as linear - I believe it is better to aim for the music program ONLY as linear (to preserve musical dynamics) which you tune manually (not hard) and the rest with usual compression for speech intelligibility.

My original question specifically however was in regards to the target software and the apparent statement by a costco HAs/audi that "

In the target software for the Phonak P90rt I know this statement to be incorrect and I believe <!> that the same is true for the similarly based KS10s. However I can’t check the accuracy of that statement myself as the KS10s don’t show up until you have them actually connected by Noahlink wireless - which I don’t have yet.

I am hoping someone here has the KS10s + Target+ Noahlink and can confirm or refute my thoughts. :crossed_fingers:


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I can set my music program on my Phonak’s with linear by manually doing it with the G numbers. That way the whole aid doesn’t need to be linear.

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@Zebras Absolutely - hence

My Audi did it in about 2 minutes. Including double checking :slight_smile:

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