KS10 Transition from KS9


A couple of weeks ago I was fitted with a pair of KS10s, upgrading from KS9s.

I know there have been a lot of posts about the KS10s, so I want to keep it as brief as possible.

Plus points - the bluetooth connectivity and whole experience with the recharegeable docking station.

Negatives - double tap functionality, which can be set off seemingly by movement other than tapping the ear! The Easy Line remote app - which takes too long to connect, particularly when you really need to switch program, for example I was booted out of a TV connector session using Skype on my PC a couple of days back and could not quickly get back in.

Coming from the KS9, I have not yet really been able to confirm if the sound quality or audibility is markedly better. On a couple of occassions I have been impressed, inparticular by it’s ability to pick out sounds from the rear. On other occassions I’ve still had difficulty in the car.

The bluetooth connectivity is definitely superior though. It is fantastic. Seamless switching in and out of numerous devices, two can be used simultaneously. The recharging experience on the whole is also excellent. Use the aids for 15 to 16 hours a day having been streaming via bluetooth and the TV Connector and am still left with around 20% charge at bedtime.

Will be looking for a remote and possibly a Roger On to address the app and noise issues above.


Notifications can sure mess up Bluetooth connections, might be the issue.

Thanks for the review.
Sounds like overall you are happy with your new aids.

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Yes - notifications are a pain in the backside and were certainly the issue here!

Overall I am happy, yes. I am yet to figure out their performance in noise. Some moments when I believe they are delivering something superior - for example I was in the car and loud music was put on (by daughter no 2) and daughter no 1 was in the back and I could clearly hear her - which was pretty impressive given car noise and the music. On another occasion I struggled when picking up members of my tennis club and we were travelling over 60 m.p.h. So it’s early days!



For noise issues in car, I do great with a PartnerMic on the person in back. Roger On would likely be better, but at a considerable cost premium.

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Thanks. Yes - I am musing this at the moment. It is very much an expense weighing up exercise i.e an equation involving the need v the amount of use v the cost!

I am thinking about the Roger On with the neckloop receiver which works via t-coil which would save around £500 ($700) but I am worried about the time to switch to the t-coil mode. So I’ll probably have to stump for the more expensive Roger On In direct.

I like the idea of the partner mic, but I get a lot of random people in my car - tennis club members, daughter’s friends etc.

For me, if I have multiple people in the car, I find that there’s usually one person that’s difficult to understand and if I give them the PartnerMic, problem solved. You could always try a PartnerMic and if it’s not good enough, go with the Roger On. If I were going to go with the Roger On, I’d spring for the iN version. I think the neckloop would be a hassle.


Thanks for this. How do people react to you giving them the partner mic. Do you only do this with people you know well?

I’ve only used it with family, so yes, only people I know well. It can either be clipped on or used with a neckloop. There’s little danger of forgetting to get it back as your hearing aids will chime as they go back into autosense when the mic gets out of ranage.

Ok - thanks. It’s food for thought.

One other thought is to have the 360 program installed as a manual program and use it in the car. I find it somewhat better than the “car program” that Autosense uses. And by the way, I’m still using KS9.
Good luck.


That’s very interesting. Thank you.

I liked the 360 program in cars too. It picks up sound better.

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The Speech in 360 program is very good. I’ve never had the Car program but the Speech in 360 really helps when in the car.


Thanks … that’s good to know.

This is fantastic news. I wonder if there is a market for my current pair of KS9s, because If I could get $1,000 for them I’d upgrade to KS10s just for the bluetooth improvements.

My car experience has been terrible, even with my wife wearing the partnermic (which only seems to work marginally). What is this amazing 360 program?

It’s one of the optional programs that can be added within the Target software to your list of programs on the app. Word of warning - the KS10 is restricted to 4 optional programs that you see on your App + 3 standard out of the box programs - in my case Restaurant/Music/Quiet. So the 360 program would be one of the 4 optional programs.

I cannot see a lot about it online - but it’s known as Speech in 360 and I think you have the ability on the app to set the direction that you want to hear speech coming from.

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I won’t claim “amazing,” but I think it’s better than the car program that’s part of Autosense. As Glucas explained, it’s a manual program that must be installed. Left to it’s own devices, it tries to focus in on speech. You can also turn off mics on one hearing aid. For example if you’re driving and getting a lot road/wind noise from your left (I’m assuming US), you can turn off left mics and have a lot less noise to deal with for listening to the passenger on your right. I don’t think it’s near as good as PartnerMic though if it’s worn properly (about 8 inches from speaker’s mouth (also should be either central or clipped to side that head is turned to–doesn’t work if clipped to right lapel and speaker is turning towards left to speak)

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I use the myphonak program on my iphone. Is there a better one? No way to add programs on this one. KS9.

Your hearing aid specialist has to add the program using the software on their computer. KS9 can definitely have it added as I have it on mine. There are several optional programs that can be added, but the number is limited. You’ll need to ask the fitter at Costco.