KS10 order delayed (Toronto)

Hello everyone,

As a new hearing aid user, I was looking forward to my fitting session for a pair of KS10 when Costco called a day before my appointment to say that the aids were not ready (Costco in Toronto, Canada).

The agent said the manufacturer (Sonova) did not give any reason for the delay, or any time frame on when the aids may be ready. She also said she would call me as soon as she got any update.

That was two weeks ago and now I am mulling on what my next step should be. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on the situation.

Welcome to the forum. What has been the total elapsed time since you paid for the HAs, and presumably Costco ordered them the same day?

In my U.S.A. Costco the turn around is supposedly <10 biz days as they are happy to make the 2nd appt two weeks after the first one. Thus by our “standards” it already being at least 2 weeks for you this seems a bit long for you in Toronto.

While you will benefit from cultivating a good relationship with Costco hearing dept. and the team there, doing a bit of polite nagging would not be unreasonable. With the delay, you should look at re-scheduling any follow up visit which is when tweaking of the initial settings that were done at appt in which you receive the aids. This 3rd visit might typically happen 2-3 weeks after the 2nd one (which has not yet happened for you). The 3rd visit can be done remotely if you prefer and is a good way to reduce potential covid exposure.

Since I am soon to have my own 2nd Costco appt to get fitted with my new aids, your post will prompt me to contact them as my HAs should be back to them today or Monday.

You might also want to read the owner’s manual; download the app for any smartphone; read here on forum about adjusting to HAs as a first time user; and pursue other hearing aid self education that will support you in optimizing your experience once you have the hardware on your ears.

My Phonak paradise recently took 3 weeks to receive. My past experiences was new aids took a week to 10 days

I paid for the aids on September 3. At that time the fitting appointment was arranged to be three weeks later, September 23. Assuming that Costco ordered the aids on September 3, the total elapsed time to today (October 8) is five weeks.

No other appointments have been scheduled. Your suggestions for me to call Costco and to read up on the user manual are good ideas. I will get started on those.

Thanks for the info…I live in Toronto and am planning a visit to Warden Ave Costco soon for a fitting. Please keep us in the loop. All the best.