KS10 fader setting in BT+mic

In addition to volume, BT streaming provides a fader, I assume to give preference to either the streaming or ambient audio volume. The symbol used suggests a frequency spectrum. Does fader adjustment also affect pitch?

Yes that’s it.

No you have the remote control functions to change the “pitch” bass/treble.

(1) Regarding the fader: they could have used a slider instead of the spectrum symbol they chose, correct?

(2) I envy your ability to access the treble/bass panel you show.
(a) On the KS10, I’m locked out of those options when in BT + mic
(b) When back in Remote Control, the option panel looks different, even though the functionality is probably the same.

I’m curious: my app is KS10 on Android, is yours either for the Phonak equivalent or on an iPhone?

Hey sorry for the confusion, I don’t use ether, they are screen shots from the ks9 manual here, as for changes to bass/treble you could be right, maybe you don’t get that option from Phonak while your streaming, the screen shot was to show the remote control functions, it’s available in others, hopefully someone who actually uses the App can confirm for you,

Yeah I get that, it is confusing actually, in a few other brands it’s a slider bar or equaliser so you can quite easily see what your changing.

I have p90r’s and if I stream from an app on my phone, I can’t make changes, but if I run myphonak on my ipad while streaming from the phone, I can change the ratio of surrounding to audio, but not other settings.


I have KS10 and the fader works as described above and yes I also find the symbol used to be “confusing.” But the bigger issue for me is that in some circumstance when I use the slider and put it all the way to the right some that the environmental sounds are most attenuated the increase in volume of what I am streaming is so much that I find that I want to go back one screen and lower the overall volume by one level. Since I am listening in a very quiet environment with only intermittent HVAC blower sound, I wish that the fader worked as follows: keep the overall volume output constant, but only vary the mix/focus which would thus not necessitate an overall volume change by vertical slider on prior screen. This “issue” might be unique to my hearing loss. Just another aspect of EasyLine app which makes the app so-so; the long time to connect to HAs makes it quite unresponsive to use.

I concur with your faint praise of the app. Compounding its inadequacies are the differences in the screen controls on my Android app and those shown in the FAQ on the KS10 portal.
I think I understand the problem you are having in fine tuning the fader. An alternative to switching back to the main remote screen would be using the up/down volume button on the aids. This apparently duplicates the function of the fader in streaming mode.

Ah yes, good suggestion; phone volume buttons wold be quicker, thanks.