KS10 disconnected when ending FaceTime call

KS10 (new) to iPhone XR/ IOS 15.5

When I have sent/received a FaceTime call, and switched to my KS10 via Bluetooth using the speaker/hearing aids button in FaceTime; when the call is ended my Aids are disconnect and I have to go to Settings/Bluetooth on the phone to reconnect.
Has anyone else had this occur, and is there a setting/procedure to prevent the Aids from disconnecting?


Did you manage to solve this issue?

I’ve never had this issue with my Marvels.

Thanks for your response. No, I still do not have an answer to this question.
It seems that it must have something to do with the fact that FaceTime also has a video stream, and when that is closed by ending the call that disconnects the KS10 from the bluetooth of the iphone XR… guess I will just keep playing with this until I find a possible solution!

I’ll be able to tell you if it disconnects with my Phonak M70 Aids tomorrow as my sister has that phone.

I’ll let you know.