KS-9's and Bluetooth

I have the KS-9’s with the firmware upgrade but am still having to do a lot of work with getting Bluetooth to work easily. I admit to generally pushing my technology to its limits but here all I am asking is the the KS-9’s connect to whatever device I am using at that moment. I have a PC, and Android 6 phone and an iPad Air2. I have to admit that the iPad gives the least trouble but they all demand that they have exclusive access and often as not that they be forgotten and re-paired every time. This is tiresome and disappointing. Because it is all so random I can’t say for sure which is worse, the PC or the Android. The iPad loses points because it constantly turns Bluetooth on every morning thus draining my battery if I am unwittingly connected but not using audio. I will say that when it works it is generally great apart from phone calls which often are spoiled by a weird garbling.

If you go into the actual settings and turn Bluetooth off, it won’t turn back on every morning. If you turn Bluetooth off from swiping up from the bottom, it’ll only disconnect until the next morning.

The KS9 can only have 1 Bluetooth connection at anyone time and be paired to 2 Bluetooth devices.

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This. It is a pain. So if you are using three devices with it, you are going to struggle, beyond just having to turn bluetooth off with one before you can connect to another.

What I tend to do, is open the right hearing aid, click connect on my device, then close the right hearing aid. This almost always connects to whatever device I want to use at the time.

I understand the phonak paradise can stay connected to two devices. This is a compelling reason to upgrade - if the cost was negligible.

it that it can be paired to two devices but connect to only one at a time.

I find, when switching devices, it doesn’t connect reliably even when it shows up as paired.

I have marvel90s not ks9s but I believe that they are similar with the BT and my experience is different . I am currently paired with. at least 6 different devices and because I use remote mice,keyboards ,tiles, printers, security devices etc I leave BT turned on . I do disconnect my aids when I change devices but have no. trouble connecting to the next device .

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I understand but think that Bluetooth could be a whole lot more user friendly. Frankly having to connect and disconnect is a PITA. :laughing:

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I don’t have this issue. When it shows paired, it works consistently.

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It is a limitation of BT, not the HA.

Yes, I understand that. I’m just bitching about it to help with innovation!

In a few years this will be a painful memory and we will wonder how we ever put up with it. Like floppy discs, DOS, dial up modems and phone bills! Maybe even the price tag on decent hearing aids :rofl: