KS 9.0 Loss of Synchronization

I have worn KS9.0 HAs for 5 months. The aids have always been in sync until about a week ago. If I use my iPhone (XR) while the aids are connected to the TV Connector (in Auto On-Off mode), instead of switching back to the TV Connector when I finish using my phone, the aids become desynchronized. Opening and closing the battery door of the right aid fixes the problem. Occasionally, they get out of sync during iphone streaming too (unrelated to TV Connector use). I wonder if iOS 13.3.1 that was recently installed has anything to do with it. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Not sure what you mean by synchronization.
Do you mean one aid stops making sound?

That’s when the Easy Line Remote App warns the left and right aids are not synchronized and the aids sound intermittently till I open the right aid battery door.

Ok, thanks.
I suspect you could turn off or remove that app from your phone and the aids would work fine.

This phenomena happened to me 8 times, but hasn’t done it for the last 4 months. Phonak did not have an answer except to have the fitter erase and reinstall all programming. She was going to, but the virus has gotten in the way. It has nothing to do with the app. as can show itself in several ways. One for me is when muting, long hold on lower, and realized the other hadn’t muted, played back and forth and found I could change manual programs independently, etc. Also when streaming, only the one pushed would stream and then switch back. Open and close battery doors and its back to normal. The app does identify it in red letters so, but exactly why it happens is unknown to me and those I have been able to question. I haven’t been able to make them do this, so hard to trouble shoot accurately. Now after months of not doing it, sort of a non-issue.


Thanks for sharing your experience.
It seems the problem has all of a sudden vanished. I hope it was just a temporary issue.

I was as well however mine have recently started doing this again 5 more times since responding last for a total 13 times to date. The easy line app will state that “Your hearing aids are not synchronized and to restart them.” This of course corrects this anomaly. It mostly shows itself to me when streaming, but has also done this when muting by holding the lower button, and only the one held is muted, I can then mute the other, however un-muting must be done to each side then, as they are still not synchronized. I have three manual programs and can change them independently during this time. The message in the Easy line app makes it clear that the software programmer knew this could happen and included the warning. No one else seems to have a clue.


Mine rarely got out of sync for the last couple of months. The mute button press has never triggered that.

Mine just did it again yesterday, for the first time, when I received a phone call, only the right side activated to the call, I continued with the call which lasted about 20 minutes. I played with my HA’s then for a while, changing programs independently, and realized when we notice they are not synchronized is not necessarily when they became this way, as when both are in the same program there is no detectable difference. So when streaming, changing the volume, receiving a phone call, or muting, it shows itself, but could well have been in this condition for sometime, doing what they do most of the time, supporting my hearing loss. I took pictures of the Easy Line reply that alerts you to this condition and says to turn off and on to continue, to show my HA specialist.

I have also had this problem. For me it seems to occur when I turn the aids on when there is an active TV streaming signal in range.

What you just described seems quite different from what I experienced. When it occurred my aids sounded (in a tone) alternately till I switched off the right aid. It would have been impossible to continue with a phone conversation.

I was very surprised as well, but it was the first time that the synchronization problem was discovered when answering the phone. Note I have my phone set to automatically answer on the second ring, so I do not touch my HA’s when the phone rings to answer or hang up. When the problem occurs when wanting to stream from my computer I touch either aid to connect once the tone indicator lets me know sound is there, then it will connect for less than a second, disconnect, sound the tone again, repeat, as you have indicated. So as I have said earlier I believe/suspect that the condition of not being synchronized has occurred previous to it manifesting itself to us. If after the phone call ended I had done nothing, my HA’s would have continued to provide the full benefit of hearing in the Automatic program they were operating in, and if I didn’t try to stream, mute, change volume, or change the program they would have preformed as expected until turning them off for the night. Next day they would be synchronized as expected until whatever causes them to break synchronization. As my post indicate I went over 4 months without a hint of trouble and was streaming, muting, changing volume, BT phone, etc. Its an interesting anomaly.