KS-8s Can't Do XPhone Properly


Audi added Phone program to KS-8s but I don’t hear right ear when phone is on Left ear. I just hear noise on right. Audi rechecked setup and says it is proper. Any body else have this problem? BTW, I have moved the phone all around the left ear and HA. Ditto small magnet.



If it doesn’t work and audi can’t help, ask that Rexton rep be called.


I am not convinced that this is not a setup problem. Everything else about the KS8s has been perfect. The rep. would find it easiest to just send them back for a two week vacation at the factory… :weary:


The technician has to choose which ear you hold it up to. Mine were originally programmed to hold phone to my right ear, but since I’m right handed & needed my right hand to use phone, that wasn’t going to work, so she re-programmed it so that I hear out of both if I hold it to my left ear. I don’t know if that helps, but they do have to indicate.


I agree that it’s likely a setup problem, but I’m more hopeful about the Rexton rep.


Are you changing to an x-phone manual program or is it set up to switch when it feels the magnet, or both? Try a manual program and if that works fine then it is not switching to that mode automatically.


I have XPhone setup as a program, so in theory, it should start without any help. It does start but the sound in the other has a static (open circuit) hiss but no audible sound of the caller’s voice.
I finally gave up yesterday an let the Audi send them in for troubleshooting.


That sounds like a t-coil program. I was talking about the acoustic version that just picks up sound from the phone speaker and transmits it to the other ear. I doubt any of us have a phone that would actually work with a t-coil.