KS 8 fitting at Costco in Mobile, AL


I had to buy a membership prior to buying the KS 8 HA. The Membership Manager talked me into an upscale membership telling me I’d get 2% back on the HA’s which turned out to be a cashback of $32. They told me I could get the extra $60 cost for upgraded membership back any time if I felt I were not getting my money’s worth from the upscale membership. The initial membership is $60 and the upscale 2x that.

After filling out the information to purchase the HA’s I met with India Searcy (I include her name because I thought she did a very credible job and I recommend her if you go to the Mobile, Al Costco). She’s a Hearing Aid Specialist there. She checked my ears. I had cleaned my canals with a bulb syringe because I have long narrow canals and sometimes the dispenser cannot see my ear drums. Indeed, even though they were clear this time, the dispenser called in the on-site Audiologist to double check.

I started my test. It was one of the best tests I’ve ever had not to mention the fitting. We did the raise your hand if you can hear this, then word recognition tests. The cochlear test. There was also a “tell me when the noise level is too much for you” which, I believe, was used to find the top end for tuning my new HA’s.
During the fitting, India took her time.
She put me in front of a speaker with my HA’s on and a needle probe in my ears. I’ve seen this option with my Starkey Inspire Software, but I’m lacking the device. She played a foreign language speaker and adjusted the HA’s using the feedback she got on a computer screen. She was able to bump up or down the whole spectrum my HA chart.
I don’t believe she did much custom adjustment beyond what I’m describing, but she did give me choices of modes. I think I put her on-guard a bit when I told her I didn’t want to return for adjustment and wanted the software to program these at home as I have been doing with my Starkey WI110’s.
I ended up changing my mind about re-adjusting on my own, in part because she had that probe which I do not have at home. And, quite simply, she was better at the software and adjusting then I am. By the way, she wouldn’t give me a copy of the software. I don’t relish the 1 ½ hour drive to re-adjust, but I’ll have to bite the bullet as needed. She invited my family into the fitting room to test the HA’s out on them. Then she allowed me to roam the store with my family to check the HA’s out.

The fitter helped me to set up Iphone access to the KS 8’s. I tested that prior to leaving. I can now stream phone calls on my Iphone 5 to my HA’s. She showed me that I can stream sound from other sources through the Iphone, but it will pick up background noises as I do so. I have yet to use this function and wonder if it will be OK for TV streaming?

The total cost for the 2 HA’s was $1600 plus the Mobile, AL 10% tax of $160. So $1760. I have a 2 year warranty which includes a 1x replacement should I lose one or both HA’s. There is also a 180 Day Trial Period for return of devices for “any reason”.

I am much more pleased with the results of these new KS 8’s than my WI110’s, but it is an unfair comparison. I’ve been programming my Starkey WI110’s with a much outdated test.

Bottom line is that I’m very pleased with the price and the quality not to mention the service.



I think you understated your warranty if Costco uses same rules throughout the US. You do have 2 years loss and damage warranty, but 3 years if they stop working properly. Also, since you used Costco’s credit card, you have an extra 2 years warranty beyond the 3 years. This is assuming Costco doesn’t do something different in Alabama.

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You are correct i just found out about the extra warranty by using the charge card. Also had a great experience purchasing my KS 8. AND THE LITTLE microphone that attaches to someone while you’re in a meeting or restaurant is so clear Very good audiogram, I really don’t stream so that wasnt too big an issue but i do use phones at work so that is important so i got the telecoil which is a cm larger but no deal breaker. Next week i pick them up and get my REM and some programs of my choice like for music and phone. So far a good experience as my hearing specialist did a wonderful job



Hey McGudrers,
Someone told me about a Microsoft device for about $200 that connects to a telecoil and TV. I’ve been avoiding phones for a while. I didn’t hear about this microphone thing you mentioned.
My main issue has been my daughter. She’s 12, Filipino and speaks with an accent. Very difficult for me to hear/understand her, but now, much better and our relationship should reflect that.
I’m not sure there was any extra warranty as per a charge card. I think Costco or the manufacturer does that. I did use a charge card. Maybe I’m wrong and didn’t realize that.



Yes the premier costco membership/ charge card gives members 2% off purchases . which helps defray some of the membership fee which was 120 dollars , also the microphone i spoke of is an additional 200 dollars , could of been made a bit sturdier cheap plastic clip but comes with a 1 year warranty plus an additional warranty from the charge card company as i was told by the hearing specialist I guess the charge card company has a warranty on all electronics




Hopefully this will post



I’m in Louisiana. Did the Mobile Costco have a long wait list for an appointment? Baton Rouge and New Orleans are a month or two booked up.



Hi Sam,
No wait list to speak of. I called a couple of days prior and got right in.

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Where are you coming from? Montgomery has a Costco also. I lived in Mobile '89 to '99.



Thanks so much, Don, but coming from Gulf Breeze, FL, next to Pensacola. “it was a dark and dreary night”. I dragged my family there Monday in the torrential downpours we had. Miserable drive for an hour and a half. I was impressed that Costco had and Audiologist on site, and that on the holiday.
One thing I’ve constantly heard on this WEB site is that the quality of the fitter and their desire to go all the way for the customer is what really matters. The woman who helped me really took her time to get a good fit.



You can download fitting software for your KS8s – just check out the link below on this forum and look for the Rexton Connexx software. I purchased KS8s earlier this year and am also very pleased. Like yourself, I live more than an hour away from the nearest Costco and got a programmer plus software to help me adjust the music program (there is also a music section in the Automatic program that you can adjust). As you probably know, you also need a programmer/interface to connect your computer with the aids – I found a used Noahlink Wireless on ebay for about $200 that works great. Generally I find the initial computer settings are pretty good if you give yourself time enough to adjust to them, but I have always had problems with music that I couldn’t communicate to the Audiologist very well, and self-programming helped me solve this issue.



Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ve got the the Chinese Hi-pro knockoff and cables for my Starkeys. As you suggested, the initial settings are good and I don’t think I need any changes right now.