KS-10, Phonak 90, and static in phone calls

I had my initial follow-up visit at Costco yesterday to fine-tune my KS-10.0 hearing aids. I described the “static in phone calls” to my hearing specialist, and he said he had the answer—a firmware update ostensibly pushed by Sonova just for this issue. However, i didn’t help much.

The HA specialist then did some additional programming that DID help. One thing that helped a LOT was simply turning off the microphones for ambient sound, but I was mystified why that wouldn’t make my part of the conversation imperceptible to the person at the other end of the phone call.

We terminated my visit with the HA specialist planning to call his manufacturer contacts and me experiencing improvement but not eradication of my issue.

Has anyone else had additional experience with this issue?

We have a few members who bring this up repeatedly. Most don’t have this problem. Lots of information about it. Seems more of a tuning issue though. The KS9 and Marvel aids had complaints from some too.

I turn my phone off in the morning for a few minutes and then turn back on. No static on phone calls the rest of the day. Hope this helps & works for you. I do this each morning

Unfortunately, that (power cycling my iPhone 11 Pro) DIDN’T work for me to expunge the static from phone telephone calls routed to the KS 10.0 hearing aids; the firmware update may have helped a little, but it didn’t change the sound of incoming calls from the inconsistent, static-plagued low quality sound before the update to the absolutely clear and non-contaminated sound of streamed audio from my iPhone that the same hearing aids can provide when the sound source is a music or video file on my iPhone.

Curious what your audiogram is and what acoustics you are using.
Most times these phone call issues come up it’s because the domes/molds are not right for the hearing loss. The aids have to be set up right.

After reading your comment, I realized I do not have static any longer with phone calls snd I do not turn off or on. It just went away on its own. :woman_shrugging: Hope is continues. Good luck to you.

That response puzzles me. I’m as far as one can get towards the end user end of the spectrum (OK, it’s not a continuous spectrum) from sound designer or engineer to consumer, but I can’t get the notion that sound piped to the speakers that originates from someone else’s phone would sound “different” from sound that originates from some other electronic device; e.g., a streamed internet radio station, or a commercial source of music files, all because the domes were too wide, too narrow, or had the wrong cant to their umbrellas, or the wrong number of holes in them. I CAN believe that something in the electronic digital to analog processing of phone calls is flawed and causes the static that NEVER contaminates streamed digital content, or for that matter the analog material that’s picked up from the environment or the wearer’s own voice.

I have looked back through several threads on this topic, and it does appear that these “phone call only” static issues have been reported largel by iPhone users, and that complaining Android users far more often report that when they have problems, it’ that the hearing aids just don’t work at ALL for phone calls, so it’s certainly possible there are different issues at work in the two ecosystems.

In my own case, the analog quality of the sound does seem a bit better the last several days, but it’s a quantitative rather than qualitative improvement.


Part of the phone call streaming has the mics on to a degree with streamed sound.
Correct feedback control in important during this situation.
My point was correct acoustics are very important to setting up feedback control that can hurt phone call performance if not done correctly.

I agree about newer iphone issues. There seems to be something else going on there.

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Thank you for contacting Phonak with your inquiry. We dropped the 5.0 name and stuck with the 4.0 updates. The 4.0.3 update was to allow your hearing care provider to do a firmware update to your hearing aids which, in some cases, helped resolve static issues with some newer iPhones. We do not have any information as to when the next update will be available.