Koybe-Inc: Ebay Scam Beware

Hi at all,
I’d like to share my personal experience with the Ebay seller Koybe.com. I’ve posted my story all over the Internet because a lot of users buy through Ebay and probably it won’t be difficult to meet these thieves.
I don’t know if this area is correct to post my thread. I hope so.
Do you know Koybe-Inc? They sell Ram on Ebay. They’re Power Sellers, but it’s only appearance!
When you buy a product from them, rarely they will ship you that package and specially if you are resident abroad (they sell from Simi Valley, U.S.) they won’t ship you nothing!!

I share my story, but there are lots of people who are waiting for their packages from Koybe!!

I’ve bought a Ram on November 2010 and I’m still waiting to receive it!
Continuously they keep mailing me writing “We will ship at the earliest”. I just know I’ve lost my 41$. But I must share my experience, because I think there are a lot of people in my situation.

What do you do when your package doesn’t arrive? Normally you send mail to the seller. Ok, this is what I did. In front off this situation they ALWAYS reply trick people into waiting over the limit for opening a dispute. They send you a lot of e-mail writing “The package will arrive in * days, please co-operate with us”. Moreover, if you want to ask for a tracking number, they’ll send you an inexistent one. If you try to let them out, they’ll respond with excuses to buy time and get close to the famous three months from the sell, after which you can no longer pursue them through Paypal. They are a thieves. I think that they are the worst Ebay seller and they disparage the e-commerce site!

This is another standard message of Koybe:

We do offer the upgrade as option - if you wish, and there is no additional profit. You only pay for cost difference. All we ask in return is please create win win for us by giving us positive feedback for customer service with 5 STAR DSR ratings.(Anything less and we get penalized by eBay in different ways).

And if the package arrive? Read the text of this RED feedback:

the ram destroyed my 800$ laptop and gonna cost 700+ to fix … GO NAMEBRAND!!!

My best mistake was forgetting to open any Paypal dispute. I forgot it because I hadn’t a lot of experience with e-commerce world. But they tricked me into waiting over the limit for opening a dispute! They wrote me «we have already opened a claim to Ebay and Paypal», «in one month we’ll refund everything, please don’t do nothing». Everything was false.

I saved every e-mail exchange from them and if you want I can post all this stuff. But now I only start to post a pair of e-mail. I publish the last updates: after 10 months they are still finding excuses and stalling. Moreover, they are blackmailing me. Obviously they hate bad publicity but instead to refund me they are blackmailing me!

Read this:

Koybe-Inc, 01 August, 13:42

Even we are ok to give you the refund

My msg, 01 August, 13:45

I’m tired for your same mails.
You know my Paypal account and you know how much I paid: 41$.

Koybe-Inc, 01 August, 13:56

We need to take the permission from our concern department to refund you.

My msg, 01 August, 14:07

I’m tired of your excuse.
You don’t have any commercial department, Koybe is only composed by 3 people: you, Brad and Jessica.
You decide how much time I still waiting.

Koybe-Inc, 01 August, 14:34

We can understand your concern.
We request you to give us this month time; surely we will serve you better.
We want your co-operation. If you will wait then we can do something better for you.

My msg, 03 August, 13.29

What does it mean “something better for me”?
I’m waiting since November and I don’t want to exchange anything for the truth and the honesty.

Koybe-Inc, 03 August 14.00

Something is better for you. It means you will get something better than before.

My msg, 03 August, 14.12

No. Nothing better unless I receive my money now.

Koybe-Inc, 08 August, 14.20

We never tell you that, you will not get the refund.
We request you to give us this month time.

My msg, 08 August, 14.36:

You can do it now. Open your Paypal and do it.
I’m unavailable to wait 1 month.

Koybe-Inc, 08 August, 14.56:

This is to inform you that, refund is not in my hand; otherwise I would have refunded you long back.
As per Brad words we cant give you the refund. But I can do it for you.
I am ok to give you the refund… could you given us 1 month time?

My msg, 08 August, 15.36:

If you didn’t refund immediately is because you always said crap with me.
Anyhow I keep posting everything because truth is very important.

Koybe-Inc, 08 August, 15.47:

If you will keep posting all this stuff then I cant give you the refund.
We just need your support. if you will support us then we will serer you better.

Please don’t buy from Koybe!!!

I’ve heard of this scam for other ebay items, they may say they are in Simi California, but you can bet they are off shore, especially from the wording of their reply’s. Ebay is an accomplice to these guys IMO, they always wash their hands and tell you to use dispute resolution, which the scammers know have an expiry date.

Might as well close the file on this, luckily it was only $41.00, and not a couple of hundred. Good Luck

New updates from Koybe-Inc!
Now, after the blackmail and ridicule, they are denying me a refund that would have me tomorrow!

This is the last mail exchange!

Koybe-Inc, 18 August, 13.30:

We can understand your concern.
This is to inform you that, refund will take time, this is the reason we asked you to wait.
We request you to keep some patience.

My msg, 18 August, 15:54:

If you told me 1 month at the end of July, at the end of August I’ll must have my money on my hands.
If I don’t have anything, probably the pages will be translate in each language. It’s your interest, not mine.

Koybe-Inc, 18 August, 17:47:

At the earliest. Please.

My msg, 18 August, 21:00:

No, I’m waiting since November 2010. Why on Dicember 2010 did you tell me that you opened a claim throgh Paypal and Ebay? Why did you cheating me?

Koybe-Inc, 19 August, 09:30:

Please understand our situation. USPS was not responding. You don’t worry I am here to help you.

My msg, 23 August, 17.16:

In any case in a week (30th August) you will send me a refund.
Otherwise it means that you don’t understand your mistakes and everyone, in other languages​​, should know it.

Koybe-Inc, 24 August, 12:00:

We can understand your concern.
We request you give us 1 month time.

My msg, today:

Tomorrow is your day end. You must refund me.

Koybe-Inc, today:

We request to you give us 1 month time.

My msg, today:

A month ago you told me “we refund you in a month”, one week “we refund you in a month”, but when is this month? Do you realize how stupid you are?
You know you’re hurting your business? Perhaps it was better to pay now?

Koybe-Inc, today:

We have talked with our concern department. They can refund you in installment only.
We thought your refund process will be done in this month only, but it won’t happen.
We can refund in installment only.
Yes it would be create a problem in our busingess.

We cant do anything if you will not understand our situation.

We cant do anything if you will not understand our situation.

I think their problem is that you unsderstand their situation too well. You recognize their scam.

By the English I would think that these guys are in West Africa - maybe the Ivory Coast. I saw an earlier scam where Desk 11 was mentioned and that was from the Ivory Coast.

They are really too stupid. They don’t realize that they are losing many customers due to negative publicity. They are a Power Seller, but now maybe they will lose a lot of customers.

Surely they aren’t English native, they speak English very very bad. I thought they were Chinese, but apparently their headquarters is in Simi Valley or Vancouver.

I have very disturbing news updates from the world of Koybe-Inc. I was blackmailed for the umpteenth time. They finally offered me a refund in installments, but only after many complaints. A scandalous proposal! The people who buy from them pay always in a single solution, anyone have never paid in installments! They offered me a full refund in 10 installments of 4$ each. But I had to remove all these posts, otherwise I wouldn’t be refunded. Scandalous. I proposed to remove everything after the first installment (which I never did, it was a bluff). They sent me a payment of 1$ and they tell me: “now you must erase every post about us”. I sent them to hell! What a ridiculous people! Truly truly amazing.
P.S. I’ve discovered that they sell from Ahmedabad (India), for this reason they reply at my e-mails only during the morning (the night of Unites States).

Here the new (and I believe the last) mail exchange with Koybe-Inc (U.S. hour):

MY MSG: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 1:58 AM
Why do you work so early? It’s night in Simi Valley and your Internet Protocol is from Ahmedabad, India. Why? I think refund immediately is the best way for you.

KOYBE-INC: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:07 AM

We are from USA only. We are working 24x7. Right now time is 2.25. We are ready to give you the refund right now but in installment only. We can give you the refund every month $3.00 for 14 months. Is it ok with you? PRince - Desk-11

MY MSG: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:13 AM

I don’t have paid in installments, but in a single solution, so you must refund me in a single solution.

KOYBE-INC: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:15 AM

This is what we can do for you every month $3.00. PRince - Desk-11

MY MSG: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:34 AM

The only solution I can consider is the payment in two installments of $21.

KOYBE-INC: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:40 AM

It is not possible. This is my last proposal to you: every month $4.00 for 10 month installments and you need to erase all you have posted then we will refund you. PRince - Desk-11

MY MSG: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:54 AM

I don’t delete any post.

KOYBE-INC: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 3:10 AM

I have decided to refund you $2.00 then you will delete all your post. Every month I will refund you $4.00 till 9 months. First I will send you $2.00 then you will delete all the post then I will send you another $2.00 after one month. PRince - Desk-11

MY MSG: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 3:15 AM

Ok. (it was a bluff!)

KOYBE-INC: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 3:22 AM

I have refunded your $2.00. PRince - Desk-11

MY MSG: Tuesday, August 31, 2011 1:15 AM

You are very funny: I only got 1.62$. Under these conditions and in the name of freedom I won’t blot any posts. Everyone needs to know how you are behaving with your customers. I know that due to my post you’re losing a lot of money. Immediately sue your heavy blackmail the international judicial authorities. I don’t be blackmailed by idiots like you. Now go away, come back with another proposal, otherwise nothing will ever change here. You can’t kidd me.

KOYBE-INC: Tuesday, August 31, 2011 3:22 AM

It is ok guy. Forget about the refund or any other benefit from our side. We TRUSTED you but you being reluctant showed us many things about it. There is no way now you will get a single penny from us. So whatever happens, as per our policy you will not get money back. You got $1.xx some, keep it and be happy with it. Now wait as long as you can.
We are thankful to our management that we blocked Italy and will never do business becuase most of the package get stolen at customs. If by posting bad thing about us making you happy, then we are happy for you too. We decide to entertain you more. BE happy with $1.xxx. Thanks NN.

Thank you very much for reminding