Kirkland Signature v Interton Avio 3

I just got back from Costco. I went in there thinking the Signature, partially based upon good reviews here. After the test the dispenser recommended the Avio 3 instead. He said that we would have a hard time controlling the lower frequencies. In other words, it would be harder to effectively de-amplify (is that the right term?) the frequencies in which my hearing is normal.

The Signature is $2000/pair; the Avio $3000/pair. The price difference is significant to me (and my budget). But not that I couldn’t afford $3k.

I couldn’t find much on the web re the Avio. The one site that is selling it - - lists it for $2700. I thought Costco was the cheapest???Does Costco have a wider variety of open fit models than this?

Anyone have any thoughts?
Right Left
250 5 20
500 10 20
750 25 25
1000 30 35
1500 50 55
2000 57 60
3000 50 60
4000 57 60
6000 50 53
8000 45 45

I found the technical specifications for the Avio 3 at

I’m wearing the Rexton Gem 12’s (Kirkland Signature Premiums) that I believe you were interested in, and I call BS on that Costco fitter. Your loss falls within the fitting range of both aids, and the Gem 12 has more headroom for adjustment if you do develop any more low frequency loss. And it’s not like either’s a power aid, where the bottom end of the low frequency is still above your loss.

The Avio 3 has a smaller fitting range in the low frequencies. Big deal. It tops out at 30 dB at 250 mHZ, whereas the Gem tops out at 45 or so at 250 mHz. But the Gem is 12 channels with 8 bands, and the Avio is only 9 channels and 6 bands. And the Avio has a digital volume control, whereas you have to get the remote with the Gem to get a volume control. But the Avio isn’t wireless - you’d have to fiddle with each aid for volume and program settings. With the Gem, the remote talks to both aids, and each aid talks to each other, so any change made to one goes to the other.

Interton is a GN ReSound company, and I like GN ReSound, but it looks like here the fitter is trying to upsell you into a less capable aid, perhaps because that fitter is used to working with that one.

I don’t play an audiologist on the Internet, but I did drive by a Holiday Inn Express this evening. Just from the audiogram numbers and what I know about the fitting range of the Gem, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t get a good result with that more capable aid for $1000 less a pair.

I purchased an AVIO 3 or 4 last year. Currently it is an Avio 5.
Since then I have had it replaced twice because it keeps cutting off then on with from no apparent reason to heavy pressure on it.
Like from no apparent reason, to my glass temples touching it, to me pressing on it.
NO ONE, the audiologist, the factory rep, or the factory, can figure out why and I am told that I am the only one with this problem. I guess it must be the excess energy in my brain. (like I believe that). I am an electronic engineer.

It doesn’t seem to do it in the winter, but it also doesn’t seem like a water problem. It is like the battery connection is loose and opens up then closes again. But that doesn’t appear to be the case either. It goes silent then beeps once as it comes back on. It is NOT changing programming, it is actually going off.

I would like to hear if anyone else has a similar issue.

LOL! Too funny Jayman!

I talked to a man in SD who is selling Interton for a lot less than $2,000/pair.
Name is Davis - 800-249-4163.