Kirkland Signature 8.0 vs. Resound Linx2


Ok. So my father has been using a pair of Resound Linx2 for a couple of years now. They work reasonably well, (Uses them with iPhone, iPad, and Watch). But we’re wondering if it might be time for some newer units. And we’re finding the price on the KS 8.0 (especially now that they’re available with a #13 battery) very attractive.
The big question is, ‘will it be worth it?’
I’ve looked at the side-by-side specs (again; looks compelling), and I would really love for him to have the availability of the easy testing, servicing, adjustment services at Costco.
So… Any comments / thoughts from anyone?
Has anyone made the same HA switch with these models?
Love to hear from you all.

Edit: Also, does anybody have any idea if the KS8 will work with our ReSound TV Streamer 2?


It depends on your Costco whether it is easy adjustments. Mine is so busy now that it seems like the appointments are hurried, then try that one minor change for a couple of weeks.

The draw is the price and the 180 day trial period.

My question is, with the hearing aids being just 2 years old, is there something that is not working well and is not getting fixed?

The KS8 is a Rexton/Signia (Signia Nx 312 or 13) and the Resound accessories do not work with it. But, it’s a great hearing aid.


Hi Don,
It’s complicated:
They were given to him by a relative, and so he doesn’t really have access to have them appropriately serviced and adjusted. He thinks they’re fine. But for the price of the Kirklands, I’d like to start fresh.
Unless he were to get the new ones, and then say, “They sound and work no different than the old ones”.


Gotcha. Try the KS8. They are very good. I tried those and eventually my pro thought, with my profound loss, I might be happier with the Phonak Brio 3 (Phonak Audeo B90) and she was right. Plus the Phonak accessories are cheaper at Costco. My difference in price was about $700. But you are talking about high-end devices that both perform well.


I recently became a KS8 user after wearing KS6s for 3 years. Before I purchased the KS8s, I compared them to the Resound Fortes. The KS6s are basically, Resound Linx1 and the Fortes are very close to the Linx2. I couldn’t really tell any difference between the KS6 and the newer Fortes. Based on these observations, I think that the KS8s are more natural sounding. In tough situations like noisy restaurants, the KS8s are a little better. Not dramatically better, but noticeably better. The KS8s also work better with my iPhone. Phone calls, music, and Google map directions switch much more quickly than the Resound aids. So far so good.


My experience with Signia pure aids was terrible. My experience with Resound has been much better. I have the Linx3D now and am going to the Quattro in a couple days.

I have explained my experiences more than once. So I will not type it all again.


I made the switch from Resound Lynx to Costco KS8 and am very pleased. The KS8’s are far superior for me, in my ability to understand speech in difficult situations. The KS8’s are the first hearing aids I have ever had that really do allow for focussing forward which you need to do in noisy situations. Costco has very reasonable return policies so you should try them and if they don;t work for you return them. Unfortunately the remote streamer devices that work with Resound do not work with the Costco KS8’s and I got the remote microphone for them, but it is not a good device in my opinion. It is finnicky in connecting and limited in use.