Kirkland Signature 5.0 with Phone Clip+ vs ReSound LiNX

I have an appointment at the local Costco on Wednesday. I have seen rave reviews on the Kirkland Signature 5.0 (copy of ReSoundVerso 962). I listen to music and am considering listening to the music with the hearing aids. This will require carrying around the Phone Clip+. This is another device that I do not want to have to carry all the time. My pockets are already bulging. :slight_smile:

My understanding is the ReSound LiNX connects directly to the iPhone with an app so another device is not needed. (I have an android phone now and am looking to upgrade. With the new iPhone coming out and its connectivity to the LiNX, I may agree to switch to the iPhone).

Here are my questions:

  1. Besides the iPhone connectivity do the LiNX and Signature 5.0 have the same features?

  2. Does the Phone Clip+ have any advantage over the LiNX?

  3. What are the reviews on the LiNX?

  4. Is the LiNX available at Costco?

My preference would be to have an Android phone connect directly to a set of hearing aids, but I have not seen anything on that in the near future.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Linx is not presently available at Costco.

IF you don’t mind wearing the Phone Clip+, you can have a good bit of the same functionality as the Linx with the KS5 for right at $2000. The biggest drawback is that it is a 3rd device. I wear mine like a necklace under my shirt. ( you could also use the a Phone Clip+ with the Linx if you chose to). I use Phone Ciip+ and KS5 to stream radio and podcasts directly into my ears.

You can use the resound remote microphone and the Resound TV streamer 2 with the KS5 as well as the Linx.

The Phone Clip+ serves as a microphone for your phone conversations so there is it’s advantage. The Phone Clip+ also has some remote control capability.

Besides the ability to directly connect to an iPhone, the Linx also has a newer faster chip, and also has frequency shifting capability.

I also hope that there are plans to provide direct connect capability to Android phones in the future.

Thanks for the info.

β€” Updated β€”

Thanks for the info.

The app for the Linx seems to have more features than the app for the Verso, but, the big drawback is that phone calls are not really hands-free on the Linx. You have to speak into the microphone of the iphone. I wear the phone clip+ around my neck, on a lanyard, under my shirt, and the phone clip+ has the microphone so on a call your phone can stay in your pocket.