Kirkland KS8 default sound level


Is there a way to reset the default sound level on the Kirkland S8 aids ?. Every day I turn them on and have to access the Smart Direct app (android) which shows a much higher sound level than used the previous day.


That is probably training that is turned on by your audiologist. It brings you to the correct power over time. It may have been set more aggressively than you’d prefer. You should have had that explained to you at the start.


Did you find that current sound level discomforts? or its just “loud but still ok”?

Agreed with @KenP, I think its “adapting” volume program, overtime, week by week, its will getting increases on volume. I would call them up for explanation.

If you find its not comfort at all, you don’t need to wait long, make schedule with them to follow up quick. Don’t let it ruins your day.


Thanks for replies, start up level is not uncomfortable but louder than I need. Explanation seems logical, will give it a few weeks and if necessary visit HIS.


If one (or both) of your rocker switches is programmed to do volume changes, that would be an alternative to the app. But as noted above, adjusting the power-on (default) volume can be done only by the fitter.


When you make changes while in the Automatic program (KS8) such as sound focus and bass/treble, do those changes work only in that program or to they migrate to other programs as well?


Bass/treble does not follow in the other programs.

Microphone Pattern is only available in program 1.