Kirkland from Costco

Does anyone have the Kirkland hearing aids from Costco? I am going Friday to try out a pair to see how they work but I wondered about the competitiveness of them. This is my first set of hearing aids…I really don’t know how to intrepret my audiology report. I have it posted on my profile. Does it attach to my message every time I send one so people can know where I am on the scale of hearing?

Your audiogram is in your signature block, and is visible to others. My Mom has the Kirkland’s and likes them. They’re even more competitive now than when she bought them.

I bought my first aids 3 years ago at Costco: the Kirklands of 2010. They are outstanding. I’ll be buying a new set in January, when my insurance kicks in. From Costco.
Costco is NOT on commission, so the fitter will play straight with you. VERY important. Their prices are amazingly low. Less than half what you are likely to pay at the Audi on Main Street.
Their 90 day easy-breeze full $ return policy is the best anywhere. And they DO NOT Hassle you in any way when you make a return. Those working on commission, of course, hate returns.
Their quality is very high. I think it is outstandingly high. It’s easy to get in for adjustments / cleaning / questions when needed.

In today’s market, 90% of clients should get their aids at Costco, imo, if there is one within 60 minutes. I drive 90 minutes to get to my costco, and it’s still worth it.

After you’ve worn your Kirklands for a month, you can shop around to see if there is anything you like better – if you wish. But I’ll wager you go back to Costco.

fyi: I am not paid by Costco, or anybody else. Just really appreciate the way they help people to hear better, for an affordable price.


I’m happy with my experience at Costco. I tried the previous generation of Kirklands (The Rexton Cobalt 16 then) and they had great sound. I ended up going with the Resound Future from Costco because I wanted to stay in an open fit and the Kirkland’s had some feedback we could not adjust out. The Resound Forza replaced the Future, except for the in-the-canal style.

The current Kirkland seems to be the Rexton Onyx, which is the Rexton version of the Siemens Pure Carat, so you can read about that on the Siemens site. Rexton is a Siemens brand.

It will probably take several adjustment sessions to get everything just right. Let us know how things are going.

I second (or third!!) the above comments about Costco. I am a first time hearing aid user and, after doing a lot of reading on the internet and shopping around some, I bought the Kirkland Signature 4.0 several months ago. I couldn’t be happier.

The price is GREAT and the included accessories would probably be extra anywhere else. The charger/dryer, rechargeable batteries, remote control, carrying case, extra #13 batteries, etc. are all rolled into the price of $1999. Also included in the price are unlimited adjustment sessions if needed.

The ONLY thing that I didn’t quite like was the optional Bluetooth remote. I purchased the miniBlu and was just not satisfied with the sound quality when streaming music and using my cell phone. I had it for about one week and decided to return it. Costco accepted the return with absolutely no problem.

As the others said, if Costco is relatively convenient to your location I would seriously recommend that you give them a try. With the 90 days return policy you can’t go wrong.

Having read on this forum many tributes to the quality of Kirkland Signature aids and the service from Costco, I wondered whether it might be possible to obtain a pair of these aids in the UK. It seems that the only warehouse which has hearing aids is at Watford, Herts - 121 miles away from Derbyshire and a 2 hour 18 minute drive.

Has any member of this forum made use of this service?
What would Kirkland Signature 4.0 cost in £GB, and how much does a pensioner have to pay for membership?
Are the dispensers/audiologists skilled and helpful?

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I’ve had a pair since last November and they are good. Costco fitters have been most helpful

Thks, appreciate your reply. I have appt on 8/24 to compare with Miracle Ear Siemens. Don’t know if what little insurance I have will work at Costco but will call ins co before appt to find out. Miracle Ear had an insurance schedule there under the HearUSA program with AARP but if you start out with a higher cost in the beginning it doesn’t much matter what benefit you have so it’s back to the bottom line. Inever heard of Kirkland but Costco rep said it was made by Rexton which is owned by Siemens? Does that jive with you? I see Kirkland is simply Costco’s house brand.

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Powerful forces are, I fear, trying to stop Dr Cherurkani and
big money at play.

so ordinary (somewhat deaf) people are going to have a harder time.

First, kill all the Lawyers.

The house brand at Costco is Kirkland: for hearing aids, beans, and paper towels.
Their Kirkland H.A. is a high level siemens, which they probably call Rexton (also a siemens brand) to defer to retail audis. Must buy a pair, so $2K.

They also sell the Forza by Resound, which has the crucial advantage that they sell the mini mic with it. Hang the mini mic around your wife, and hear every word she says, in a crowd, at a store, in the car. $1400 I think.

They have an Oticon aid which is called a Bernafon, another brand name from the same company. Audis have told me that “Bernafon means poor quality”. Not True at Costco.

Manufacturers work very very very very hard to get Costco business, since that guarantees them a huge sales flow on a regular basis. ergo: they give Costco very low prices. Close to, but perhaps not quite as low as the V.A. which is the only other huge buyer of hearing aids.

Costco, bless them, passes some of the savings along. I was told that they pay $500 for an aid they sell for $1000. Others have said $300. Anybody know? Their cut pays for their skilled and friendly HIS fitters, overhead, and profit. I wouldn’t be surprised if their profit is around 15% when you figure in their staff costs.

The independents are losing business, and many are closing. Try calling at random in the Yellow Pages: maybe 1/3 of those advertising are now out of business (guess, not data).

Very tough for a dedicated audi who has spent decades learning and helping. Many of them move to Costco, where they find they have to work A LOT harder than they did as independents. Or so they tell me.

This is inexorable, hard on traditional fitters, and good for consumers.

Try a costco aid for 90 days. They have some at about $600, I believe. If the price is still a problem, consider: mdhearingaid available at Amazon $170. (try it and return it if you wish) or Siemens Touching/Lotus New, on eBay for < $100. May be fine for you, letting you return the Costco aid(s) before 90 days.

The accepted truth is that 2 ears is better than 1. True, I believe. But is it ENOUGH better to get you to pay double? This question is almost never asked. Get two, try just one, and return one to Costco in 89 days if money is tight.

good luck! elijah

It appears that Costco does have 22 stores in the UK:

check: perhaps some or all of them sell their hearing aids?

Please report. thanks. elijah costco;dot;co;dot;uk

From years of trying to buy Costco aids, I can tell you it all depends on the Costco professional…some are just OK and some are really pro. IMO Ed

Thanks so much Elijah Lovejoy. Wish I could take you with me to Costco and to Miracle Ear.:slight_smile:

wherever you decide to get them. I would SUGGEST you get a matched pair of decent level RICs with custom molds.

If you google costco hearing aids, you can then press “CLICK HERE TO FIND THE COSTCO
HEARING AID CENTER NEAR YOU”. If you specify a UK location and tick the box for hearing aids, the nearest center comes up as Watford, and the next nearest is in New Brunswick. All of which leads me to believe that only one of the 22 warehouses in UK has a hearing aid centre, and that is the one at Watford.


Doesn’t the NHS pay for hearing aids in Great Britain? UmBongo is a British Audiologist who posts here - I think he could help you - you may have to PM him.

Like others, I am a big fan of Costco hearing aids and their way of doing business. I am a new HA user, and, after a journey with other brands, I bought a pair of Costco KS 4 aids. After several fittings, I really like them. They appear to be the Rexton Onyx / Siemens Pure Carat (sans the tinnitus feature). They are probably not the highest tech hearing aids out there, but, as others have said, they are as good as the person who fits them to you and you to them. For my part, I feel like I got a very good product at a fair price with excellent service and a guarantee to match. The cost in pounds would be $2,000 US divided by the exchange rate of the British pound to the US dollar.

More importantly than what kind of hearing aid is the person programming/adjusting the darn thing.
I’ve had the most expensive hearing aids on patients walking in that sound like $&%*! and cheaper models that sound good!
Alot of it has to do with good programming…listen to your adjustments !!!

hi does anyone have the prices of costco kirkland signature 5.0 ,phone clip? and tv streamer?

you open a 3 year old thread because you are too lazy to go to the Costco web site or make a phone card?

Jakey has a limited vocabulary. Allow me to translate, “Just go here for the info. Hope you finds success in your pursuit.

No I never tried the Kirkland hearing aids from Costco, Good luck to you because you are going to try this hearing aid, may this aid will work properly in your ear and you get relief from your problem of ringing in ear, which is very irritating problem. Those who are suffering from this problem can only know about this tinnitus problem.