Kirkland 8, major problem with perspiration and weird sounds

I live in the Florida Keys with high humidity. I, as an individual, also perspire profusely. I often get a three beep tone and sometimes a three musical note sound like a child’s toy musical instrument. I have tried wearing a sweat band with only a little success. I understand there are cloth socks that can go over the receiver. Do they work?

My Costco tech is sending them back to the factory for review. Any ideas or suggestions from you folks to prevent future problems?

I’m on medication that makes me sweat more. I wear Ear Gear socks all the time and they really help me. Only issue is, I can’t easily change programs with the Ear Gear on.

I know of nothing that can go over the “receiver” (speaker portion that goes inside the ear). If you are having repeated problems with the receiver due to moisture from sweating, you might be better off with a BTE since the receiver resides in the hearing aid. Ear Gear Socks would protect the receiver in the case of a BTE.

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I also have a moisture problem in my aids.
You don’t say if you put your aids in a de-humidifier/drying box overnight every night. If you don’t, this would be an excellent investment for you. My first aids were RIC, and they were always back at the manufacture getting ‘fixed’. The result was always the same, moisture. I then needed BTE aids, which I put in a dry box, this made a huge difference.

I personally have a breeze dry & store that runs for several hours. It’s the only way that my hearing devices have survived.

Here’s a review from several excellent brands of dryers.

I’ve used Hearing Aid Sweatbands as well as Ear Gear and both work very well at keeping the HA’s dry.

I am on my second pair of RIC aids and I have never conquered sweat. When I start sweating I had better get the HA’s out. Otherwise, off to the dryer they must go.

I just ordered the new Naida Marvel BTE. I had Naida before with the old 675 battery. They were huge. Times have changed. New Naida is much smaller. I am also tired of cleaning receivers and replacing filters.

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