Keystrokes after search


I’m having an odd issue searching. I use either of the three methods: 1 - ctrl-alt-f, 2 - /, 3 - click on the magnifying glass icon… when I get the results I can’t arrow down or page down using the keyboard. I can click on the scroll bar to the right and I can roll the wheel. But I can’t use down arrow or page down. Heck…I just edited the text here as I’m typing and I couldn’t arrow down.
I’m using current Firefox on current W10 64-bit.
There seem to be other times this happens but this seems repeatable.
I’m right handed and my right arm is in a bit of an RSI state these days so I’m trying to save it by using it sparingly.


I’m not sure I completely understand the issue. Are you saying that when your cursor is in a popup box (like the magnifying glass search box or the post create area) you are not able to use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the page? If so, I would say this is normal behavior. The arrow key’s function will vary depending on where your cursor is. So if it’s in a search box, the arrow key changes the search result selection and if it’s inside a text box (like post create) it will move the cursor up and down within the text input area. Next time just make sure to click somewhere inside the normal page first and then use the arrow keys. This should place the cursor focus in the right place for you, so that the page scrolls as desired. Hopefully I understood your issue. Feel free to further clarify.


I guess I wasn’t clear.
Click on the magnifying glass. Type search term. Press enter. Search box disappears. Results come up. Press down arrow to scroll. Nothing happens. Click in the text area of a result. Press down arrow. Nothing happens.
Yet in other places it will scroll fine. But it seems repeatable for me with search results.


Ah, thanks for clarifying. Yes, I tested this in FF and it does seem to be a bug. I will report it for you. Chrome and Safari seem to work as expected.


Oh yes I tried it in Edge and yes it works fine as expected. I just wondered if you were somehow doing something else with keystrokes like you did with the ctrl-f. It could also have been some javascript not running but if you duplicated it then there we are.