Kentucky doctor performs Cochlear Osia System implant procedure

This just popped up out of no where and I’m not exactly sure how it compares to a “regular hearing aids or a CI”? I guess something in the middle but the “big” question is does the new hearing transplant deliver better hearing then a CI or a power hearing aid. Guess we find out as more patients get in line to try.

OK - did a little more home work. The Osia System implant is I believe for single sided deafness. And it also appears to attach outside the skull, though the article I posted claims the transplant is in the “ear” itself. Seems the FDA approved in December 2019 so the “roll out” or shall we say patients lined up to try - is rather on the slow side. Maybe coronavirus has slowed things down. In any case I guess this is six month old news - and not necessarily “breaking news”. My bad.

This is just a bone anchored hearing device (BAHA) made by Cochlear. It’s not half way between a CI and a hearing aid; it’s for conductive losses. We talked about it on here when it was announced.

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What I found odd about my first attached link is that it states "the Osia implant is not visible and there is not much maintenance required with this compared to the bone anchor hearing aid.”

But of course when you google Osia System implant it obvious the unit is very noticeable.

The Bowling Green daily news. Is that a medical journal?

No - don’t think so. Obviously some web outlet out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. I just found the link and verbiage to be so different when compared to BAHA implantable hearing devices. At this point I don’t know if we are comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges?

Actually I was being funny