Keeping the Phonak Brio 3


Today is the last day of my 180 day trial and I’m keeping Phonaks. I’ve never heard so well but part of that is figuring out that I need soft speech boosted and with that I can hear/understand any normal conversation. I also found out that I like the fitting formula DSL Adult. The compression ratio is lower and that is more comfortable for me and speech is clearer. It does lower the low and mid frequencies so once I moved those up a little I got better results than with APD or NL2.

I’m interested in streaming with no additional device so I will be watching those developments and may jump into one of those in a couple of years or so.

I thought about waiting, and just getting my Resound Versos adjusted for my latest hearing test and the things I’ve learned, but modern ones have some good features and I don’t want to miss out for two years or so waiting.


Good to hear that you are liking your Brio’s.

I have the Phonak Brio 1s and I love mine apart from the Speech in Loud Noise program.


I maxed out noise reduction on my speech in loud noise manual program and I hear about as well as the normal hearing people.


I find the Speech in Loud Noise program to take away too much sound. I just don’t like the narrow beam, it doesn’t work for me.