Keeping hearing aids dry

I assume you have all asked yourselves this question: “What if my HA gets wet?” They have to be worn on hot summer days and yes, there are sweat glands in your ears. If it begins to rain hard when you are outside, the battery door will get soaked. What can a hearing aid wearer do to avoid damaging the most important thing you wear?

Amazon has one answer: buy a hearing aid dryer. I had never heard of these before. Do they work? Does it make a difference whether I use that or just a dry storage case? I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure my next pair of hearing aids don’t get ruined but also will wear them whenever I am out of the house (except to swim or get haircuts, of course). How do you keep your hearing aids dry or dry them off when they get wet? I am looking for ideas.

Yes the HA driers work really well and since you are in Florida with all the humidity and rain, I wouldn’t not buy one! I have the Dry and Store with the UV light and it works great! Another thing to get is a hat that you can carry with you that is water proof and covers your ears for those times you get caught in the rain. Both items in my opinion is money well spent and will save you a lot in repairs down the road.

Also look on Craigslist for the D & S, I see them posted from time to time and they are either in the Free section or in the Health and Beauty section or the General for Sale section. There was one in the SF Bay Area CL last week for $15 but it was about 50 miles away and I didn’t need it anyway, but if it had been in my area I would have picked it up for a spare.

So where can you find a water resistant rain hat with a wide brim if you’re a guy? I have been searching for one for years without success. Men don’t seem to wear hats anymore, and something like a baseball cap doesn’t cover the ears and won’t keep hearing aids dry if it rains. Any ideas? Gerald


Loads to choose from too.

I bought mine at REI. It also keeps the sun off your neck.

Orvis, LL Bean, Cabeleas, Dick’s, REI, NogginTops, Wal-Mart. Any fishing or hunting store. Any outdoor type store… here’s a forum where reading about Hat will make you dizzy.

any a whole bunch…,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=681

Love those Tilley hats and all their other stuff. The hats last just about forever too.

My Audi made a suggestion to put th,em on rice. I was like “hmm. Simple solution and cheap” what do you all think about this?

Rice is an excellent product to dry out any electronic device, cell phone co. suggest putting cell phones that have gotten wet in rice to dry it out and most times it works. However, I will stick with my Dry n Store for my hearing aids.

Interesting! Another Tilley lover! I just happen to have almost every hat that Tilley ever made right from the early hand-made hats that he used to sew together in his basement.

For a guy with serious ADHD issues, he has had a remarkable career!

Weird, wacky, and crazy. When I eat rice, it is wet and makes my plate dirty. How can it be used to dry electronics? But if it works for someone, I would love to know why.

I believe they mean you should use dry, uncooked rice

What other cheap and easy solutions like the rice one do you have guys?

Desiccant packs. Silica gel. Rice etc. Anything that dries in a non corrosive way.

I would worry about the dust from the rice.

Cooli Bar Company has many styles of hats in all colors for men and & woman. They are made out of sun protective material. You can order from the internet. They are not cheap, but worth every cent. They last forever. I have four of them.


HA drying kit - $11 at hearing clinics, and 20 dollars at costco (a bit bigger):slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.
Tilley hat for me…their winter hat has been great.
Now I need to find my old summer Tilley.

I have a hard hat with a brim all around for visits to construction sites. (work)


I have done this. I am getting new HA today and will go back to this simple (pretty free) method:

  • Small container (like those containers you put soap in, they close and good size.
  • Wrap some rice in cheesecloth and keep the HA in the soap container with the rice
  • I suppose you could use a pill container so the HA don’t rattle around if you planning on carrying them
  • (AND THIS) Go to a drug store and ask the pharmacy for some of those little things they use to keep medicine dry. They’ll give you a handful and they work fine.

" It’s not the heat, it is the humidity"
— My hearing aids.