Keep Your Ears Dry

I have been trying to advise my patients to keep their ears as dry as possible, to both extend the life of the hearing aids and also to keep the ears healthier.

A product that has worked well for many is the Sahara Dry Ears, a cordless ear dryer that really should be a must for all hearing aid wearers and others who are prone to ear infections, swimmer’s ear, etc.

They can be found all over the net, on Ebay and at

Anyone using it, please chime in.

Thank you.

Got one a couple of days ago (eBay bargain US$65 including airmail to OZ). New in unopened box!

So far so good. Used it for the first time to day and was more than pleased with the results. Yep! It dried my ears!

Previously I dried my ears with a tissue twisted arund a “cotton tip” to form a thin point which I then inserted to remove moisture.

I think the Sahara is expensive for what you get. With an srp of $99.99, compared to whatever else I would deem as good value at that price (e.g. Dry $ Store Global - You cannot compare the value here. The D&S is worth 3 or 4 times what the Sahara is worth).

Having bought it and used it - would I spend $100 on it? Dunno!

Will report back after I have used it for while!

The price i paid is imho a fair price for the unit.

“Having bought it and used it - would I spend $100 on it? Dunno!”

After using this item for a few days, I think that it is greatly overpriced even at the price I paid (US$65 which included airmail post to Oz)!

You can achieve a similar result by using a hairdryer on a “cool air” cycle with an appropriate ear adapter which you can easily make your self.

At US$100 it really is over-priced…

A fair price would be $20 - $40 taking into account technology, lack of color choice etc etc.


Neoprene case and charger

case $2, charger $3 = $37???

Simple and greatly overpriced at $100!!

This is exactly what the ENT I used to work for recommended (sometimes the simplest things are best!)

What would you use to make one?

Just find an adaptor or make one with sealing tape to suit the end of your drier. Use on the cool air setting.

The Sahara is really a piece of expensive rubbish. The only plus it has is that is rechargeable and portable.

But it is not as effective as the manufacturer claims. If you have water deep in your ear canal, the Sahara will not remove it and you will have to use alternative methods to remove the moisture.

At $100 it is grossly overpriced!


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