Just soma advice :-)

Hi there I have been suffering with tinnitus since November last, so roughly 5h momths.
In november i saw my doctor and had ears syringed and a full medical and all is clear. I have suffered with eczema in my ear canals for last 10 years and as a result my ears get infected and blocked frequently. and silly me, i have always listened to music using inner earphones over the last 15 yrs also,( well untill last week).
However the tinnitus has not yet stopped, in fact it is getting worse and affectin my daily conversations and also sleepin is difficult.
I feel as though the hearing in that ear has been affected a little maybe, but it is hard to tell as the ringing seems to bee taking over!!
I have been looking online the last few days and am pleased that there seems to be hearing aids to help with the tinnitus.
I have an appointment with an audiologist but it is not for another 3 weeks.
My main question really is, if my hearing has not been affected, is there still a hearing aid for the tinnitus. ?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You will not like what I am going to tell you, but your tinnitus is probably not going away. Mine started in October of 2010 and I have been to 2 ENT doctors. I just got hearing aids today with tinnitus maskers in them. I think my ringing started from use of prescription medications, namely Trazadone, for depression. You will find out that there are hundreds of drugs that may cause tinnitus, but you will not find a doctor to say so. The drug industry owns the doctors, and the doctors probably own the drug companies. We will never know what has caused this awful condition. Good luck and pray to keep your sanity.

Hi there thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Did you get the hearing aids just for the tinnitus or have you had some hearing loss also?
I am not shocked at what you have said about it not going away. It really is a horrible feeling :frowning:
Are the new hearing aids working for you and masking the tinnitus?

I have had a loud symphony in both my ears for years and years. No set sounds or tones all different.
All I can tell you is my personal experience, I dont remember when mine started its been so long ago…what I can tell you is that I dont even hear it anymore, my brain has tuned it out. I only hear it when someone mentions it and like right now I have symbols and horns and wind chimes blasting me, but it will subside after I Write this post and move on…At night I use my tinnitus to put me to sleep…wierd I know, but true
Eventually you wont hear it either…or at least it wont bother you.