Just saying hello

Awesome! I’m glad to hear you’re doing so great :slight_smile:

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Greet to updted .

  • Do you have tinnitus before CI ? If yes, what are things now

  • You using HA with CI ? or now only CI for training. if use HA with CI now it’s different for you ?

@Toti Yes I have had tinnitus for as lomg as I can remember. It’s reduced in the ear with the implant. The implanted ear tinnitus was far worse than the unimplanted ear (prior to implantation). Now the unimplanted ear is worse. Hope that makes sense.

Still using hearing aid in opposite ear during the work day.


Had my one month follow-up on my Resound BTE on Monday and they turned telecoil on (while I could easily have done this myself I wanted to wait and let them mess with it though going forward I will probably just fiddle on my own with the various program settings if necessary) and now with my bluetooth neckloop I can hear phone audio in stereo again, which is nice.

We’re just about moved in to our new house too. What a chore that has been. Every time I have moved I say next time I’m paying someone to do it, and then I end up doing it myself. This time it was just a crosstown move so I slow rolled it a little every day but still. A lot of work.

“bluetooth neckloop” is a “bluetooth to t-coil converter”, right? For this I have an Artone 3 max. I don’t like the sound of t-coil, in my case it’s too tinny. I prevere listening to the phone with only one ear (either direct or via direct streaming) over using the t-coil.

At our last move we paid someone to do it. Although we moved only 150m… At that time I was 38.

Wise man even below his 40s!

I’m terrified of our next move. I’ll bankrupt on boxes only. When we moved here we came with cca 180 items / boxes, I think it was 6 euro-pallets, I guess 2-2.5m high, to the top of those huge trucks where trailer can be separated. I think we easily have double or triple that now, plus furniture. Omg. I don’t want to move :joy:

@Blacky Has nothing to do with wise or not, but availability of funds (not a concern in our case), scheduling, responsiveness of moving companies…I solicited ten bids, got three, and all had a $200+ fee just to drive to our apartment (i.e. no work yet, just to show up). I just couldn’t get right with the idea of paying someone hundreds just to arrive before even doing work. And these were all local movers for a local move (10 miles). I only needed a truck to move our tree; everything else fit in our CX-5 SUV, though we took advantage of having the truck to move my workbench so I didn’t have to disassemble it.

@Dani yes the Artone 3 Max is actually what I am referring to. I think it sounds great personally. I was never an audiophile though.

I guess I should post an update in my own thread too. Like @Lou82 I had a mapping session today as well, my third. We didn’t do much, as at my second session my doc gave me a second set of progressive maps and said it wasn’t necessarily expected that I’d get to them all. I ended up on the second one prior to this appointment, which I find gives me pretty decent intelligibility. We created a new map based on the map I was on that boosts mid and higher frequencies a little in order to help with mask wearing in public, as that’s a challenge area for me (and literally everyone else but hey I will take whatever help I can get). We also kept the two higher level maps that I hadn’t got to yet as options, so I have where I was already as map 1, the mask map as map 2, and then two progressively louder maps based on map 1 as maps 3 and 4 (and those because my next appointment isn’t until December, exactly three months from today). We will do testing more formally at that appointment; we didn’t do any today.

I made an appointment for the morning of the 29th to start planning implantation of my left ear. Goal is still to be done with surgery before my son is due end of November.

In other news since I am a MED-EL user they announced today the AudioStream which is a battery cover for their Sonnet and Sonnet 2 behind-the-ear processors that gives direct Bluetooth audio streaming, which is awesome. I’ve been using my Bluetooth neckloop so I can have stereo with my current bimodal configuration for music and phone calls and it’s been great but finally going back to no extra devices I am very much looking forward to. AudioStream - Connect Your MED-EL Cochlear Implant

In other other news, we finished moving into our new house and got furniture ordered and are starting to slowly unpack. It’s been pretty great so far. We have bunnies, and raccoons, and cardinals and bluejays, and our dog is terrified of our backyard because he’s still “used to” the desert and city living.


Wow, this sounds amazing.
On the other hand for telephone calls I need to turn on my AudioLink each time which costs too much time. So in the hurry I hold the phone next to my CI only. I’m doing this since a month - 5 months after activaiton. Till then I used only my hearing aid ear for phoning but meanwhile I am doing better with my CI. Maybe next time I am trying the t-coil-only mode while on my iPhone to cut off all environmental noise :wink:

During the day I keep the Artone on in standby though after @Zebras comment yesterday on telecoil and iPhones I found that I can in fact use my work iPhone just like you mentioned which is amazing and I never knew (my former desk phone worked this way but I didn’t know cell phones could). Only bummer is, with my former Phonak aids if I held the phone to one ear it would transfer the audio to the other ear, giving me a signal boost. No way to do that with my current bimodal setup or future bilateral CI setup. Streaming or telecoil is the only way to get both ear audio (which I vastly vastly prefer).


Well, I’ll be bilateral by the end of October. Looking at mid- to late- in the month; waiting for date confirmation.


Locked in for bilateral on the 30th. Pre-op and COVID on the 27th.


Congratulations on your fast turnaround time to get your second implant.
You have had a lot going on besides your implants. I will be watching for your updates concerning two implants.
I wish you all the best.