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This is where I got the crazy price number.
Cochlear does have a very nice package that comes with the implant. A second processor and 4 accessories of choice. I don’t know enough about all this to be talking I suppose. Still very much learning about this stuff.

Oh, ok, I see what you mean. Yeah, it would be nice for folks who are planning to be bimodal if the matching hearing aid could be wrapped up in the cost of the implant for Advanced Bionics/Phonak and Cochlear/Resound. I guess for Med-El you could get your choice of any matching hearing aid. But it’s also because in the US hearing aids aren’t treated as medically necessary whereas cochlear implants are. It’s all so screwy. I can’t figure out why it’s so different; I guess because hearing aids don’t “resolve” the problem?

The two processor thing depends on the hospital too, in the US anyway. Some folks only get one. I know @Dani was pretty surprised when I explained that I get two processors. Oh and speaking of that I e-mailed with my CI audiologist today and she explained that we’re only going to setup one processor because you can keep the unopened one to exchange for an upgrade in the future (plus potentially some delta cost) and you can’t do that once it’s been opened. So that’s kinda neat. But it does also mean that while I will have a backup in the event something goes wrong, it won’t be a hot spare; it’ll need to be setup still.

I guess one other “benefit” of all this is that today my out the door price was -$2600 (that is negative $2600; I got a refund) because I switched from having two hearing aids to just having the one. If I’d needed the second hearing aid my cost would’ve been $660. So my $5K bill from the hospital for the CI just got cut in half effectively.

Ok well I am activated now. Got home a little bit ago. I’m hearing (I am performing the act of hearing? I know I’m still deaf. That is a word I’m having some struggle with, let me tell you). This is a trip. I can’t exactly understand speech but I had no problem picking up sounds during the mapping. All the electrodes are turned on and working, none had to be turned off or had bad characteristics or anything like that. My audiologist said she was happy to see how I was doing already.

I could hear a clock in the room we did the mapping, I could hear her typing from across the room, I can hear me typing now and my wife working behind me, I can differentiate speech from other sounds, I can hear the water running in the kitchen sink when I turn it on, I could make out a few scattered words from the announcer on the radio and also a few words from songs that played that I know as I was driving home. I can say it’s definitely adding to my environmental perception even though I’m not able to understand speech yet, it’s sort of filling in the sounds that I can’t hear through my hearing aid.

The audio is surprisingly well balanced without my audiologist having to do much of anything. We initially set it up with my hearing aid on but when we went to try streaming it turned out the level was really low so we ended up cranking the input much higher and then I started to really be able to tell when she was speaking, my speaking, etc. There’s a electronic edge to the sound, but I don’t mind it in the least.

I explained to my audiologist that I had a bit of a freakout last night with my wife after I took my new hearing aid off last night, I realized that my hearing has just gotten so dang bad. It’s incredibly. I can only pick up the hint of my own voice without my devices. It’s crazy that this has all happened over so short but also so long a timeframe; I couldn’t imagine going to bed one night with the hearing I had last November and waking up with the hearing I have now. Just going through this over the past 8ish months has been a journey and a half. Obviously I have an incredible support system between my wife and our extended family and my doctors and I’m fortunate to have great insurance through my job and everything and just…jeez. What a trip this has been.

So anyway, I’ve got four pre-programmed settings on my little remote to try to work through over the next two weeks and a few days before my first follow-up on the 17th. My audi recommended streaming audio directly to my processor for an hour or two a day both with and without captioning if it’s video, watch things I’m really familiar with so my brain can connect the stuff it knows already with what the implant is picking up, that sort of thing. So, I’m going to do that.

And here are some pictures so that @spectrumplay can see that I’m not a secret audiologist or Phonak salesperson since they seem to think we all are.

20200731_130624 (Custom)

20200731_132704 (Custom)

20200731_154642 (Custom)

20200731_154644 (Custom)

(my audi is going to order me a shorter coil cable because of the way my implant had to be placed but I’ll be rocking this one for now; no biggie)
20200731_154701 (Custom)


Love your descriptions.
My first thought is you are doing amazingly well.
Thanks for taking the time to explain how it’s going.


My first thought after reading your post is that “wow he is really excited.” You exude that in your typing, wonder what you sound like to everybody when talking?” I am so happy for you and that everything has been so successful.

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glad your activation went well and love the blue earmold, that’s super cool with the black :smiley:

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Thanks I think it’s pretty kick-ass myself. I’m planning on ordering a blue mic cover and some other blue parts for the CI processor as well.

that would be so cool! (sounds like it’s your favorite color)

I think black CI on shaved head looks like from a SciFi movie, cool :sunglasses: future has come :slight_smile:
Saw sonova article on my LinkedIn, has a pic of such guy, but with a bike, leather jacket and just ready to put his helmet on. :fire:

I’m biased, I’m huge fan of black :joy: then comes red, violet, green and others but have to be pure color, without additional grey/white.
I hope manufacturers will start giving us proper colors as well. Glad to hear CI has more options :smiley:

I’m so happy to hear you already got some recognisable sounds immediately, that’s awesome! Sounds like you’re on the right track!


That’s pretty cool, isn’t it :sunglasses:
Looks like you perform the same way as i did and do.

I have this phenomenon, too. But only if things get louder than normal. In this case tt sounds overamplified.

Yes, I’m still surprised. On the other hand all together it costs only about €30k-40k ($35k-45k) in Germany. Btw you may wish to swap your second Sonnet 2 to Rondo 3 in fall this year. Except for hybrid I think it will have the same features like Sonnet 2. Your coil sits very near to your ear so the position of the microphones may be suitable for you.

@Dani Unfortunately it won’t be possible to do that swap to a Rondo 3 as the second processor was opened and setup identically to the first, and is able to be a hot spare for me. Or, what I’m actually planning to do, which is to get different color panels for each one and swap between them. Probably will get a matching earmold for my hearing aid as well so I can have one blue set and one orange set for each ear (orange to match our Miata for when we go to car meets is what I’m thinking). Also maybe red if baseball ever becomes a thing again someday though by then I’ll probably be bilateral. I’m still thinking though that in the bilateral I may request the Rondo 3 as my number two device assuming it’s been released but based on our HearPeers coffee chat yesterday that seems unlikely. I can always just hold on to my fourth Sonnet 2 unopened though in that case; as long as I have one ear working I’ll be able to manage.

I hooked my AudioLink (what you need to stream with a Med-El processor; it connects to the processor and to my phone and can also connect to a television or computer or whatever directly or through the dock; though, the weird thing is I can connect directly from my phone to my processor to change settings, just not to stream for whatever reason) up to my computer today and have been streaming YouTube and honestly I’m already pretty happy. Voices are certainly off key from what you’d expect for now, but I feel like I’m getting a lot. I moved up to Map 2 already yesterday afternoon and I feel like the higher input is helping. It does sound a little unbalanced compared to my hearing aid though, I notice I get very little high frequency information in my left ear compared to my right CI ear. I upped my hearing aid volume to compensate some but that high frequency difference is still noticeable.

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I didn’t get that information from your previous posts.
From what I read from your link you weren’t able to swap a Sonnet anyway. And you got your second SP before August, 1st. In my case I don’t have a second SP at all :slightly_frowning_face:


In Croatia we knew only one other pair that has Miata and was of same color as ours. It’s that red-brownish metallic something one.

However, when on holiday on the coast there was a bunch of them. And everyone would greet by slight light flash or nodding.
Here in Berlin, there is bunch of them so I guess there are clubs as well.

Fun little car :slight_smile: and definitely deserves to have matching color HAs :smiley:

i read @phobos512 story i think we have A similar story, we both gradually lost the right hearing and L side use HA .the deferent until now u get the CI implant before me😂 . the procedure very quickly u start in 6 june and get implant in 10 july . my hospital told me maybe i get implant after 5 month very more .

my question:
u have job right? so u in vacation now or what
what about tinnitus its down after activated ?

i like your story u have positive enough for anyone sees your story.

@Toti Sorry meant to respond this morning but forgot. Yes, it went pretty quick. Once you’re a candidate, there’s no real reason to wait if you have insurance approval / can afford it. We’re having a baby end of November so wanted to be done with both ears before then. Could’ve gone even sooner but at the time I became a candidate we were buying a house and were supposed to close and move around the original surgery date so we waited but then we got a different house so everything changed and we were able to move the surgery up.

Yes, very much have a job. Only took off the day of the surgery. Because of COVID-19 my wife and I both work remotely now since mid-March. This actually is much more challenging because all my meetings are on the phone and so I really struggle with that. It’s another reason I have pushed this, because the remote work is due to continue until early 2021 and the better I can hear the better it’ll be for me.


Well I feel like I’ve been doing pretty well. I spend most evenings CI only for practice, as we say it, and I’ve done a few phone calls, but just ones where I could listen and knew I wouldn’t be asked questions (so far). I listen to television, books, or YouTube, or my wife and I converse. Yesterday though was a really hard hearing day. We had the final walkthrough of our house prior to closing and with nothing in there, and no carpet, it was just an echo chamber. I couldn’t understand speech at all save when my wife was next to me speaking directly into my ear and even then it was still challenging. At one point we all had to retreat to the garage so I had just the slightest hope of hearing but I still had to have translation assistance.

I have my first follow-up mapping this coming Monday morning. I’m up to program four as planned; I was already there within the first few days. It’s already starting to feel quiet. Just for the heck of it I switched my processor back to map 1 just now as I have been writing this and wow, it is super quiet. Amazing how quick the brain adapts.

I’m sure the house’ll be fine once we get furniture and rugs and pictures up and what not. It sure is quiet compared to the city, even being less than 10 miles from our apartment.

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Thanks for the detailed update. Your progress is probably what most of us hope to achieve.

Echoes are tuff, frustrating.

Had my second mapping session today. Basically just turned everything up, and now have four new programs to try and get used to. Possible I won’t be able to get to them all; simply depends on what kind of stimulation I need I guess. I am in the low 30s on power input which is reasonably high I guess, particularly at this point. We did a little time in the sound booth as well; I am detecting sound in the 20-25 dB range depending on frequency, which is pretty much what you can expect with a cochlear implant (equivalent to a mild loss). We also did some word repetition; I got some, missed some. She was speaking the words with her mouth covered (though I was looking at the floor of the booth anyway, concentrating) and started out at a “normal” volume and then lowered the volume a couple times as she was reading. The lowest level I think I only got one out of the handful she said. Overall though my audiologist was very pleased with this.

Listened in to a phone call streaming when I got home for 35 minutes and it was rough; my wife was on the same call via her phone and she said the audio was not great. I got maybe 1/3 of the words. Wasn’t thrilled with that. Right after though I streamed some YouTube and it was fine, could get probably 75% (no captioning). More than enough to know what MKBHD was speaking about.

Next follow-up in a month but the direction in the meantime is to keep doing what I’m doing.