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Well, I have my follow up now on 7 May instead of 30 Mar. Going to email my audi tomorrow and see if she will at least consider giving me a few extra days after the next adjustment. Whatever happens, I will keep the aids. They really do help, even if they are for the time being somewhat uncomfortable. Well, somewhat is a bit of an understatement at the moment but I can hear…ish…so that’s worth it. Trying to stay positive. I have a lot going for me compared to many. I still have a job, I still have my family. This is just a slight inconvenience in the scheme of things.

Well let’s see…My follow-up is now firm on 18 MAY so that’s good. I seem to be experiencing additional hearing loss. My audi is going to do another hearing test at that appointment. In the meantime, I am compensating with additional volume but clarity is an issue too.

I ended up ordering a Noahlink Wireless from eBay; will be here Thursday hopefully. I figured if it’s going to be forever (originally before speaking with my last night my follow-up had moved out to July) I might as well get the ability to fiddle myself. Given the appointment’s still three weeks away, I will probably still fiddle with them a bit. Been reading through the guides on Target and playing with it a bit.

Also, on the dome discomfort/pain issue, my audi provided me in a drive by visit today a variety of different domes to try, acknowledging they were all different manufacturers. I popped one of my aids out during a lull in phone calls today and only one fit, but only by virtue of the opening being larger than that of my receivers. A slight tug and the dome popped off, so I wasn’t going to try sticking them in my ears. So…Back to the drawing board on that one. Maybe just maybe earmolds will be next.

Thanks for reading; hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

And oh yeah…I mentioned it elsewhere but I’m going to be a daddy around Thanksgiving. And yesterday I started a new job which means I get to do the whole hearing aid approval process all over again…Fortunately right now telework is still the order of the day. Hopefully it’ll be laying flat before we head (back) to the office.

Excuse me, what does sloping hearing loss mean? You have never had HA’s before but yeah you sound as knowledgeable to all who have had them. I have heard or read that expression in another post a few days ago about I think that lady used the term ski slope. Does it mean gradual worsening of hearing? If you could tell me what it means I would appreciate It. Thanks bunches.

Hi, no worries. I am no expert, just a giant nerd and an engineer so I tend to want to know everything I can about a topic.

As I understand it a ski slope loss means one has normal or near normal hearing at low frequencies and a gradual loss increasing as the frequency increases. A reverse ski slope is loss at low frequencies that improves to normal or near normal as the frequency increases. Neither means the degree of hearing loss will get worse, but hearing does tend to worsen with aging (as does the performance of a number of body systems).

Here’s an article for your perusal: https://www.audiologyonline.com/ask-the-experts/what-goals-ski-slope-fitting-23631

That site was very informative thank you so much for sending it to me. I thought I might have been ski slope but I don’t think I am. I take a bit of a drop between 1500 and 2000 k’s and then I level off and then I climb back up the hill a bit with my right ear. My left ear was too tired to go back up the hill again. wow thank you bye

Weeeelllllll. This was a day. When I went to my audi appointment this afternoon all I was trying to do was get some earmolds made due to discomfort with my domes. I didn’t expect to be coming home with a book on cochlear implants.

Anyway, I had previously mentioned to my audi, when we remade this appointment after the push from March to May to July back to today, that I thought I was having further change to my hearing and it seems I was not wrong. I ended up getting an immediate ENT referral; they did an inspection, spoke to me at length about CIs, and made me an MRI appointment for Thursday so we can determine if anything structural is causing my loss. They don’t think there is but we’ll soon know. My audiologist brushed off the CI recommendation but I still am scheduled for an eval in June. It’s a data point, at least.

So over six months I went from “mild to moderate” to “mild to severe” to now “moderate to profound”. For whatever reason the printout I got today doesn’t have my word recognition test we did on it, but it seemed pretty crap to me going through it.

In other news, my wife and I learned to day that we are having a boy. Oh, and I am getting my earmolds. So that’s cool. I guess?

Sorry about your hearing going down hill. From memory I can see a big change. You are smart, everything will fall into place.

Congratulations on a new son on the way. That’s a great reason to try and improve your hearing.

Was able to get the MRI done today as my schedule opened up. Did with and without contrast. I have a CD of the images but…we don’t have a computer with an optical drive to our name lol. Not that I would probably be able to draw any conclusions from what they’d show. Next appointment is the 3rd with the ENT though hopefully my earmolds show up next week sometime and I can get adjusted to my new audiogram.

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Will you get results before the weekend?

I’m not expecting to know anything from today until the 3rd but maybe the ENT will call? Trying not to dwell on it. Not easy as you’d imagine.

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We have patient portals internet service here. It allows us to see lab results, doctor messaging, etc through the computer.
My last MRI I had the results the next day. Sure took the waiting out of the exam.
Had a chance to really read the radiologist report throughly.

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My doc did mention he would get the MRI results digitally pretty quickly; I didn’t get an indication however that I would…

Well I get my earmolds on Monday. They came today but my audi office was closing early. They said just swing by so I’ll probably head over after morning meetings, or maybe in between.

Got my new setup today. So now I have acrylic cShells with what looks to be about a 1mm vent, and power receivers, both for both ears. We did REM, and they are certainly louder (and way, way more comfortable), but I am not sure if it’s exactly better or giving me more clarity. Audi expressed concern that putting more power in the high frequencies might damage what remains of my lower frequency hearing. Not sure how I feel about that, exactly, as we certainly have people on this forum with worse hearing than mine that wear aids. I have a follow-up appointment in about a month. My wife sounds different to me. I sound fine.

My audi also brought up CIs so it seems after being somewhat dismissive at our last visit she realizes the difficulty I am now having. I have the next appointment in that evaluation process this Wednesday.


Hi phobos512, congrats on the new cShells. I hope your MRI came back okay.

Quick question, if I may. Did you get a coupling code with your cShells? The six digit numberical coupling code was not stamped on mine, nor does my most excellent audi office have any record of receiving one. Just wondering if your cShells have the cc stamped on them, or if yours are like mine.

Thanks. Will find out about MRI on Wednesday during the CI appointment. I too am hopeful it comes back ok, whatever that might mean.

Regarding the cShells, they say Phonak, then there’s a six digit numerical sequence and the letter P (I assume for the power receiver), and then there appears to be a date code below that. This is on both.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, your cShells are what everyone appears to expect, whereas mine have ‘2007W240’ stamped on them.

Well, the MRI came back fine. I did CI candidacy testing today and…I’m a candidate in both ears. And my hearing is a little less than it was just two and a half weeks ago, as well. So that’s fun. It’s a lot to process. My wife is kinda freaked out about the idea now that it’s a possible path forward. We’ve been talking about it on and off the past few hours since I got home. All I have to do is pop an e-mail to the scheduler at my ENT and they’ll kick off the process with my insurance company. Think I’m probably going to do it. Seems like I’m otherwise going to be / already basically am functionally deaf without my hearing aids and they’re not apparently helping all that much (I say as I sit here on a Bluetooth phone call that I’m missing a lot of duh they don’t work that well no kidding…). So that’s my day.


Look at the bright side. Some people don’t have this option!


Happy to hear your MRI came back fine.

I don’t know why, but I’ve alway equated CIs with Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man. Better. Stronger. Faster. You probably won’t get the atomic power plant though.

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