Just pondering and reflecting

Tis human nature to assist (If we can?) and to help our fellow hearing impaired, if you have a hearing loss then we understand the pitfalls, the early days of sudden hearing loss can be quite stressful and very isolating, gradual hearing loss is a different kettle of fish though, it is in my opinion much harder for them to adapt to wearing aids… We have mostly walked in your shoes, we feel the anxiety and frustration, there is an understanding that binds us into likeminded souls, we may give you good or bad advice, but most of us give it freely without malice in the fond hope we are helping you on to a more improved hearing journey… Cheers Kev


One of the problems is when a manufacturer releases a new aid they say this aid will do this and it will do that and it’s for severe to profound implying that their aid will be the answer for everyone within that loss range. It couldn’t be further from the truth but they certainly advertise it as that.