Just ordered Oticon Own1 - Looking for the usual

Hi. I did self fitting of Starkey and before that Sonic. I just dropped the big bucks on a pair of custom Own1 aids and am looking for the latest Genie and would like to know if NoahLink or Oticon’s programmer is preferred. At this point I’m mostly just interested in familiarity with the software and features so that I can have an intelligent conversation with my Audie when the fitting happens (a couple of weeks). Thanks!

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I asked for the 2.4GHz, so they better show up like that! :wink: I also asked for the NFMI for ear-to-ear communications (mostly for pushbutton synchronization).

The NoahLink Wireless is the cheaper option so I’m happy with that information. Thanks for all your hard work. I have some new learning to do. It’s been a while. I assume the NoahLink Wireless is only half-wireless … from the NL to the hearing instruments.

I remember getting NOAH on floppy then an original serial HiPro for Sonic Innovations. Oh, and the cables! Starkey standalone was easier once I found a Surflink programmer.

Oh, I ended up renaming and updating the DIY School PDF file named
(Fitting Instructions Oticon Genie2; More-Own).

I think it is simpler now, and more informative too.

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Is there a link for the PDF?

Yep, For DIY Help 24/7; Click any PVC Avatar; and then
Click PVC’s Featured Topic; Hearing Aid Fitting DIY School and Fitting Software
There you will find two clickable links for (DIY School and Fitting Software).

Be careful of the Guard Dogs.
No wait, They’re guarding the old obsolete versions.
No worries about Guard Dogs then.

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