Just need basic hearing aids without wireless features

Reading here is mind boggling. Wow. HAs are not just for hearing. I need a suggestion to replace my 4-5 yr old (not sure; inherited from sister) Phonacs. I don’t need Bluetooth, streaming, TV hook-up, etc. I don’t do much in crowds, like dining, concerts, etc. Water resistance is a must, though. My hearing loss is moderate, with a slight dip into moderately profound at very high frequencies. Both pairs of Phonacs that I have owned have worked “very well”, though I probably don’t know how good they could be. My “fittings” have taken about 37 seconds; “Bang. Beat it. Next!” So I think I will be stuck w/ factory specs. Is there any brand that offers “the best” Plane Jane aids, or is that an impossible-to-answer request? The audiograms at an audiologist look identical to the one recently done at Costco, with very little change over several years. Costco sure is cheap. Getting aids there is possibly cheaper than at an audi, despite insurance maybe not covering aids from Costco. (Will check on that.) Any suggestions are appreciated, and if I have not provided sufficient info, please advise. Thank you. john

Re health insurance: some plans will allow you to buy at CostCo, then submit the receipt and other paperwork, and they reimburse you. My first aid, 2014, I had a $500 allowance (for one, all I needed back then), and I did that. 2019 I needed a pair; and had different insurance it did not allow for any hearing aids. So it is worth checking all the permutations.

Buying hearing aids without bluetooth, streaming, TV hook up, . . . it’s sort of like buying a cell phone, or laptop. They all do that stuff, you just don’t use the features you don’t need. You can’t find hearing aids without all that at this point (I don’t think so, anyway.) Like cars, some will have these 4 extras, some will have 3 of those and 1 other extra, you just focus on getting what you need and let the other stuff fall in.

CostCo is definitely the way to go. And get your fittings done! They are included at CostCo, you are not ‘stuck with factory specs.’ My CostCo has 3 fitters. 1 is worthless, 1 is fantastic, and the third I’ve only said hello to, so I can’t say. Advocate for yourself! If you don’t like how things are going, change the appointment to a different person and see if that improves the situation.

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Not seeing your audiogram, it is hard to say. But if your loss does not have any really odd configurations, and you are not concerned with advanced signal processing for noise, an entry level product should do just fine. Many places push the premium level, but the entry level is the same circuit but does not have all of the features activated. If you try an entry level and it does not do the job, you can upgrade during the trial period to a higher level of technology.

Wilco. Thanks for the info!

Analog hearing aids went out of fashion many years ago. You can always buy the very basic level of HA, but I’m not even sure if they has feed back features in it. Nothing worse than to have squealing hearing aids. So you need to be careful what level you do actually end up buying of the 4 levels of technology available.

You need to remember that everyone’s hearing starts to decline as they get older. So having some of these features that you don’t want to use now could very well be really handy for you In the next few years. Good luck with your new aids.

Beside entry level tech for some model, like phonak paradise or marvel (they come from level 30 to level 90), there are also completely different entry level models.
Phonak has vitus model, they are bte though. Price in Germany is 700 eur, as compared to most expensive phonak paradise 90 battery version for 2800 eur. Per aid, same shop.

Unitron has T Moxi Fit 500 for same 700 eur price (here it means they’re covered by insurance and are basically free for you).

Also I’ve seen that there’s moxi kiss, dura, max without BT and such.

I was fitted with this moxi fit unitron, and in quiet they performed completely the same as highest level of marvel or paradise. Of course, both REM fitted with speech mapping.

Considering that costco does such fitting by default, I’d just go there and asked for their cheapest models. :slight_smile:

I recomend Persona Medical, they a very good hearing aids like you request.

Why don’t you go see an audiologist and do things properly. He can tell you what’s available for your loss and then you can decide what you want and how much you want to spend, which sounds like close to zero

(1) Hass: Your response sounds a bit crabby; bad day? Re: “Properly”… Because I have been there before, three times, and I was not terribly happy with the last experience. I had nothing done there that could not be done at Costco, and Costco’s price is far less. In addition, there was a lot of pressure to buy “right now” at the audio. Re: “…which sounds like close to zero.” That goes to show why a person should not make assertations about other people based on very little information. I am just trying to not throw money around without getting a quality return on it. Is that foreign to you? (2) For anyone else, I went to Costco and got what the gal said were premium Phonacs. 9’s, maybe? Whatever. They are better than the last Phonacs, and I am impressed with the ability to send a phone call directly to my aids. I don’t imagine that ability is solely a Phonac phenomenon; just mentioning that the newer aids are way above what I got years ago. I’m hearing better, and that is what counts.

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So you did need those ‘wireless features’ after all? Glad you found a solution you’re happy with.

There are all different types of audiologists out there. Costco is cheaper. But when Costco tells you to go walk around the store for an hour to see if you like your new aids I walk out the door.

Go with your ears, if your finances can afford it.

I think this is significantly better fast assessment than decision based on sitting in their quiet office.
Unless you never plan to go to the shops with aids on, then I understand why you’d be opposed to the idea.

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I don’t evaluate anything sitting in a quiet office. My audi gives me the aids, adjusts them and I go about my life for two weeks. Or more if necessary. Then I go back and try a different pair. None of this at any expense to me. I realize that that may not be normal procedure for other audis. I consider myself extremely fortunate. My loss is very difficult and walking around in Costco for an hour would tell me if I can hear in Costco and no where else. I’m not here to debate you. I seem to recall this thread was to avoid an audi altogether. My point is some audis are like used car salesman. Costco has their own way of doing things. Their big selling point is their price but you may not be getting the best service. If you have a pretty simple loss you can save a ton of money. If you have a more difficult loss you may not be getting the service you need… Price isn’t the only factor. Audis can be like car sale man. And like car sales men, if I think I’m dealing with a crook I walk. But I don’t sit in my audis office for an hour in silence trying to evaluate a new pair of aids. That’s ridiculous

Costco gives you basically 6 months of trial. Yes you have to pay in advance and you can return anytime no questions asked from what I’ve gathered from people writing here.

This sounds ok to me. I mean, if you cannot afford them, why would you trial? Unless you like to waste someone’s time.

In that sense, walking in the store I see more like ‘can we work with them’ and not real trial. Since you have 6 months for tweaking them.

And I’d definitely try with them even with complicated loss, but checking recommendations for fitter there if I can get someone more agile to work hard cases. What’s the worst? You’ll give money, spend time, learn more about your loss, and return them if it’s not working out at all and you’ll get money back. But you know you’ll be fitted by best practices which cannot be guaranteed for tons of other fitters.

I understood that bunch of fitters in USA are neither giving free trial nor giving money back for longer than a several weeks.

In Germany I didn’t have to pay for trialling and I have around 2 months to decide.
In Croatia I had to give money, and had only a week or two to get the money back.

So, costco deal looks fine to me coming from both of those perspectives.

We’ve gone way off the beaten path. My apologies to the op. And at no time did I say Costco was bad. It may not be the way to go for everyone. I like the fact I can trial as many aids as I need to and that I can get auds adjusted as long as I own them. Along with no payment up front until I decide to buy them. But everyone is different. So be it

Wooluf: Yes. Costco only sells “Premiums” so I figgered I’d just go w/ the flow and get into this century. I tested them by going into my shop, turning on the dust collector (loud as hell), and putting on my ear muffs (yes, I wear them all the time now; Life is great teacher). When my wife called I got the ‘quack’, lifted an ear muff to hit a button on the aid, and put the ear muff back on. My wife was standing right in my ear, clear as a bell. Amazing.

Haas: All is good. That was nothing compared to what I said to a guy on Facebook. I will have to remove that post. Embarrassing. Cheers. j