Just logged onto the Phonak website and noticed something strange

Last time I tried phonak was Quest platform and it was horrible, i could not even get used to their sound quality I don’t know why but it was bad, it sounded like chipmunk running the chip platform and having no idea how to make it sound natural like oticonian/resundian/widexian…

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@ssa: I’m not well-informed enough to draw parallels between Phonak and Unitron, but my Unitrons used the “North” platform , and I was told that the Autosense feature was the same as the Phonaq.

Anyway, my experience was "horrible*, also. (Dismal, actually …)

As you are no doubt aware @ssa, Quest came out around 2013, things have moved on slightly since then :upside_down_face: For profound loss, BT connectivity, & ALD’s… Nothing beats Phonak, they are the number “1 “ worldwide best seller, and the rest pale into somewhat insignificance… That is not to say Phonak do not have issues, they do, but they also make exceptionally good hearing aids, and because of their ALD’s, people tend to stick with Phonak, perhaps it’s the sound we like, or maybe the connectivity, possibly a combination of all 3? Now Phonak, like Oticon are expensive aids, although not so expensive in the UK, around 3000 USD, for a pair of the Naida Paradise UP BTE’s fully fitted with custom moulds, with as many follow ups as you like… Oticon More 1’s will cost you around 3800 USD, these are approximately half the price you pay stateside? I like Phonak & Oticon, I have worn many sets from both manufacturers, Oticon are exceptionally good aids, but they cannot compete with Phonak on ALD’s, and if you are in the severe/profound threshold, Phonak at present, are the only game in town… As always, YMMV… Cheers Kev :wink:


@kevels55: Kev … can you please explain? How come izz datt?



Cochlear / MedEl enters the chat…


Money is not the problem here and that is peanut compared to what you make in 3 years in a career white collar worker… I need my hearing devices to survive in this fast moving world and to gain an edge over competition and I will gladly spend $10k on hearing devices in 3-5 years…


Lucky Man - Fortunate Man to be Financially Secure in these times. Good for you.

Well Jim, apart from Cochlear Implants there is nothing really out there to touch them, the Phonak Naida Paradise 90 BTE UP’s, is the weapon of choice, for the vast majority of knowledgeable HOH, with a profound loss, bare in mind though, we are only approximately 2% of the hearing industry market. Oticon appear to have given up the Ghost with their Xceed, to my knowledge, tis about 5 years since their last iteration of any Oticon Ultra Power aids, that’s a long time in hearing development, you would think they should have something lined up in the pipeline? Perhaps, they are concentrating on the, mild, moderate & severe thresholds, that’s where the vast majority of the money is… Profound loss requires ALD’s to help offset the SNR, with their many different Phonak Roger remote Mic’s, and Oticon does not appear to be interested in developing these ALD’s? Which leaves Phonak a free hand in the market, to charge whatever they feel like charging! Let’s put it this way, if Oticon bring out say an Xceed More in the spring, they might not get many takers, most of the profound hearing aid users, are long term’ers, if they have Roger devices, they will know their value these…With no viable alternative for ALD’s from Oticon, they aren’t going to buy a theoretical Xceed More, Phonak is indeed the only game in town, Oticon, probably out of choice let them have it, it’s a tiny part of the overall market… It gives Phonak bragging rights, as you will see in their promotional videos, they have always looked after the severe/profoundly deaf, blah, blah, blah… Cheers Kev :wink:


If it weren’t for accusations against others what would you do? What really does it matter if somebody thinks somebody else is ascerbic or rude or WHATEVER . Not sure about you but I have limited time and STUFF TO DO. It’s hard to keep track of all the whiners complaining about something that doesn’t affect them at all other than to fill empty time because they have nothing better to do.

I like these forums to learn and exchange ideas but they would be much better if every word I said wasn’t so often analyzed, criticized. blah blah blah. Get a life.

You have no corner on the market for accusations. It’s a free country and a free forum. Too bad you are such a busybody.

There must be a way to block someone who’s always yammering on about something. You’re like a worn out old dog with a bone.

Now, I’m not being rude - I’m voicing my opinion - but of course you will have a problem with that.

One of the things I’m learning here is to not give a R@t’s @$$

When I get time I must investigate the issue of ability to block someone who gets on my LAST NERVE.
Because I don’t enjoy all the cr@p you like to serve up. But I have to chip in now and then JUST SO YOU KNOW everybody has an opinion.

Who appointed you king of the mountain or king of the forum? Maybe you have multiple personalities to trade barbs back and forth with. What a sad little pseudo man you are.

INCOMING blast from you so often that each time you becomes smaller and more insignificant.

Run along and stalk someone else why don’t ya?

@kevels55: That’s an excellent explanation, Kev! I’m now much better informed … Thanks.



@kcsummerkc: Just use the Mute option at the bottom of the screen or go to your avatar, look up Preferences/Users, and block me. there.


I wasn’t bragging about the price in for UK aids @ssa… We don’t have a level playing field here, private sellers have to compete against the NHS, whose aids are free, at point of service, I prefer to buy my own… For instance the NHS is now issuing Phonak Naida P70 UP’s free! Personally, I was never interested in money, in my younger days, I was offered a couple of jobs in the states, free house, free car, 4 x times the money here, I wasn’t interested, I was having a ball… Money, doesn’t float my boat, as long as I have enough to get bye, I’m happy… Cheers Kev :wink:


What is your main concern when your not engaging in petty annoying little chatter?
Perhaps you ought to buy yourself a Roget’s Thesaurus or put it on your Christmas wish list so you can enlarge your vocabulary of insults, accusations and witticisms. Try something new above and beyond rude - you don’t want to be BORING do you?

I don’t enjoy all this back and forth blather but I’m not going to be anybody’s kicking post.

There must be a way to block people like you. If there is I would much prefer they/you block me too.

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I doubt he needed to respond to me either - whether you agree with my sentiments or not for some reason I seem to always attract petty little people who have to comment on everything whether it adds anything to the conversation or not.

I have to ask myself if its really worth the trouble seeking advice or information here because it almost always goes from being a helpful conversation to personal attacks and accusations judging every word I say.

I don’t like all this back and forth garbage but I can see that I must come to my own defense sometimes.

Its time to take a break I think maybe in the meantime a few of my detractors will drop off the map or we can find a way to block each other. THAT would be helpful. CONSTANT Critiques of whatever I say IS NOT HELPFUL. Of course this will invite more blah blah blah. SO MUCH information available here its a shame there are so many distractions, detractors, buzzards and fly-by-night purveyors of muck and slime.

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Woah there, you can’t assume that. you are the one not being civil here.

??? I have no idea wtf you are talking about here… insulting everybody is not the best move here.

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Thanks for the heads up. Useful feature…

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You are welcome Jim…Profound loss is just different. I recall speaking to my NHS Audiologist approximately a year ago, I asked him about how many HOH folks like me he saw, this is an extremely busy Audiology department, covering an area the size of Belgium, he said he would maybe see someone with my level of loss, perhaps once a year or every 18 months, we are nearly as rare as hens teeth :upside_down_face: I am actually quite amazed, how well I can hold a conversation, perhaps it’s because the masks are no longer prevalent, I know I am a good at lip reading, and for the last 6 or 7 weeks, I have reverted away from my Nadia’s, and been wearing my Marvel 90 RIC’s to good effect, even in busy pubs, I am not struggling, I am hearing fine without my Roger devices, could also be, there is less stress, with the added worry of Covid… The RIC’s are very comfortable, especially as I wear glasses, Marvels are indeed tiny, although I have no vanity about wearing the larger Nadia’s, I like my comfort :rofl: Cheers Kev :wink:


@kevels55: Kindest and best regards to you and Elspeth!