Just how impaired is my Wife?

Unfortunately as I am a new user(!) I can not upload an audiograph to suitably frame my question…

My wife’s hearing has become progressively poor and her latest audiograph which I have but for some reason of the Forum I can not share tells the whole story.

I was hoping for some advice (impartial) on what my expectations should be and what HA I should be researching for her to enable us (52 years married) to once again have a ‘normal’ communicative life at home and socially?

Can someone advise as to how long I should put my egg timer on so that I know when I will be allowed to post / upload this graph?

Welcome. I don’t know the timing for new users. On the audiogram there should be a section that has Word Recognition Scores or WRS. It should include values for each ear: the loudness the test was done in in dB and percent correct. This would give a good indication of how much hearing aids can help. Does your wife already wear hearing aids or are you considering her first pair?

You could take a pic of the audiogram and crop out any personal information and post it in a reply or add it to your first post.
What do you get on the top row of links and click on Forum and click on My Hearing Tests. This is a place where you can enter in the audiogram values rather than the original.

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This is the audiogram showing.

It’s a severe hearing loss.

I can understand why @mark5 wife is struggling If her hearing loss has got worse since.


Unfortunately I am being told that ‘new users’ may not upload files! I have started the egg timer… there is no definition as to how long I should wait before I am deemed responsible enough to post an upload image!
I have the full audiogram here waiting to go! I guess a friendly administrator will see the sense in letting a 74 year old 50+ year married retired harmless ‘person’ as not being too much of a threat to the social order!

Thanks for the responses so far. I could reply to your emails with the audiogram and maybe you can publish on my behalf(or would that be bending the rules!)

The hearing test was done in a sealed booth and I watched the nurse administer the test. To the best of my observation it was ‘when you hear the tone press a button’ type test rather than a verbal identification test.

So maybe I wait till I am let off the naughty step and post again when the sand runs out.


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I have now entered the audiogram results - apologies for not doing my homework and doing this earlier…

My wife has hearing aids… They are as prescribed by the NHS (UK _ National Health Service) and I can not tell you what make or number she has fitted. I am sure they are 'run of the mill but sensible fittings.

Gilly (My wife) has had hearing aids for 15 years plus. However based on my attempts at conversations with her loss is becommin g more marked.

Recently she suffered from what was diagnosed as ‘Vertigo’ but the normal test of rolling eye balls etc were not observed. However the GP (General Practitioner) dmitted her for further screening because he was suspicious of a stroke induced ‘vertigo’. A minor stroke (historical) was observed but further tests were requested and three days ago an MRI was done.
The MRI results are not known but as soon as they are I will publish the results.

Gilly’s hearing loss has, from my perspective, become worse. Whether this is because of damage to the HAs or not has yet to be discerned. Tests are being done by NHS.

So this is work in progress.

My original question still stands… Is the audiogram showing a hearing loss that can reasonablby be expected to be handled by current technology and if so can anybody give any advice as to where to start looking.

PS: I am a bit of a techie so I am happy to be pointed in any direction!

To reasonably estimate the degree of improvement that could be offered by current technology it is essential to know where ‘her’ technology is with her present hearing aids. The existing hearing aids form the baseline. The further question of how effective any hearing aid would be is slightly different.


What hearing aids does she have?

Maybe take a picture if you’re unsure.

How long has she had them?

Has she had an updated hearing test?

NHS are now handing out very good hearing aids and up to date hearing aids.

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A bout of vertigo could be related to any one of the many viruses running around.


That’s a pretty marked loss. Depending on word recognition scores, I’d say either BTE (Behind the Ear) with closed custom mold or cochlear implant. I don’t think the tech level of the hearing aid matters much, but she needs enough power to make sounds audible.

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@mark5 If the audiogram on your profile is your wife’s audiogram, then see picture below which gives you some understanding where your wife’s hearing loss is.
Any sounds above the lines (red or blue) she most likely not able to hear them, but any sounds below those lines (red or blue) she is most likely to hear them.

At your next appointment at the local NHS hospital you could request a copy of her audiogram and a leaflet about hearing loss.


Good news…

I have been promoted! Seems like I am filling up the trust bucket.


if the hearing aid is checked out and working great, Another option is a Cochlear implant but NHS will not consider it until all other options (such as fitting her with new hearing aids) are out…

Keep in mind that hearing aids help but they don’t fix. Your wife’s loss is moderate to severe so she may always struggle with speech comprehension. Make a point of always facing your wife when you speak to her so she can see your lips. Then speak normally. But don’t expect miracles


Well thanks for all the input.

In response to Baltazard my wife commented - ‘Oh that’s good I dont hear a vacuum cleaner!’ I am not sure where this one is going…

I have managed to establish the type and make of HA. It is an Oticon Spirt Synergy with a moulded earpiece.


I look forward to further deliberations…

Kind regards

Mark + Gilly


These are quite old tech now quite possibly an updated model will provide much better results.
Oticon Xceed and Phonak Naída UP are available from NHS I believe as well.


@mark5 as @tenkan and others, your local GP should refer your wife to the nearest NHS hospital for hearing test (expect few weeks, unless if your wife has got a private healthcare, which might speed up things).
I am sure she will get free hearing aids.

If she wants to continue not hearing the vacuum, :slightly_smiling_face: she should be able to mute the HAs or turn them off for a bit. Hopefully she never does that when you’re talking, though. :upside_down_face:

Every time I see the topic heading, “Just how impaired is my wife?” I can’t help thinking: have you tried a Breathalyzer test? :smile:


That question seems counter to the sentiment “Happy wife, happy life “.

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I know you’re trying to be helpful but it would be so much better for your wife to tells what she is or isn’t experiencing.

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