Just had my annual hearing test

The great news was; after dropping an average of 10 decibels a year the last two years. It was almost identical as last year. The SRT went up and few decibels but the SNR loss unaided improved a few decibels across the board. My WR scores improved 8% and 4%. This I found strange because I went in with a complaint of finding it harder to hear with background noise.

The dr in all was very pleased. She did say tiredness etc can effect your hearing test and maybe last years was just an off day, or in fact my hearing has gotten a bit better when it comes to WR scores. Either was I was happy.

Being 40yr old and having had a reasonably quick onset loss (3 years from 30 down to 50ish decibel loss - I was very nervous going to appointment.

When I asked about my trouble in noisier Envoiraments, she said she gave me more gain (why when test chart was the same I’m not sure?) but it has helped a great deal.

Altogether very happy but just a little confused. Last year they mentioned maybe lip reading classes (freaked me out!!!) and now my WR scores are on the rise!!!

Has anyone had something similar. If so, did it stay even over the next few years or should I expect loss to fall off again?

Thanks in advance.


I have been wearing aids for about17 years, and I can say for me that the time of day, or how tired I am affects my test a lot. Early morning my tinnitus is worse because I haven’t worn my aids for about 8 to 10 hours. By about 10am my tinnitus has relaxed and I am hearing the best of the day. By about 2pm I am starting to get brain tired from all of my daily activities and my hearing is becoming worse but by 6pm I am totally at my worse hearing capacity of the day and I just want to be away from all noise, so I mute my aids and read until bedtime. To really get the true picture of my hearing loss I prefer my hearing test to be after lunch time.

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my hearing has gotten a bit better when it comes to WR scores.

Congratulations. This all great news.

Something to remember. If the aids are not tuned properly it can affect your word understanding scores during testing. Having your aids properly tuned is the best way to keep your brain/hearing sharp. This becomes more and more important as a person’s hearing loss gets worse.

Thanks for the update.

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WR Score is highly variable. A score of 50% on a 25-word recorded list is not significantly different from a score of 70%.