Just got Rexton Insite+ BTE from Costco

I’ve been wearing my Rexton Insite+ BTE (from Costco) for about 6 hours now, and they seem OK. My only complaint is that the left one seems to be on the point of oscillating every now and again. The guy did back off the gain 2dB on the left aid already (my loss is much greater at 2KHz on the left than on the right), but it still happens occasionally. I understand that the aid should “learn” to control feedback as time goes on.

The Insite is supposed to have more advanced feedback control than the Kirklands I tried but that was my experience with the Kirklands. They would “quiver” sometimes as a workup to full blown feedback. If someone stood just behind me to the right, like looking over my shoulder at a computer, and talked loudly or laughed the aids would go into chirp mode where every syllable by the person would be met with a chirp.

They can be adjusted so maybe they can adjust that out without lowering the gain too much.

What type of domes do you have? Some people have less feedback issues with tulip domes.

If the feedback is really bad, some people use double power domes. Personally, I could not stand the power domes in my ear.

This is assuming that the aids cannot be adjusted to avoid the feedback while performing as needed.

The domes are roughly conical but with openings in them. If there’s any special term I don’t know it.

I’ve been out and about for a couple of hours this morning and found that the “chirp” to which Don referred seems to occur in comparatively small reverberant spaces, e.g., the entry/exit “vestibule” at the home improvement store (all hard, reflective surfaces). I noticed also that sometimes I would get a “chirp” along with my footsteps on a hard laminate floor at home.

Things sound generally a little more “tinny” in my left ear than in my right, e.g., my computer keyboard.

For me the worst place was an enclosed place like a “stall”. Go to a restroom stall and let the chirping begin. Sometimes one would feedback and get the other one started.

The dome you have is just called the open dome (I think), sort of a wagon wheel look. I don’t think Rexton offers the tulip dome, which is a shame. The receiver “clicks” into the dome so I doubt any other dome would fit a Rexton receiver.

I could not stand the double-domes either. I was ready to get the custom mold and my audiologist wanted to try the Resounds.

I didn’t have feedback with the double-domes but I did pull them out a little so they did not seal. I guess it gave me enough volume in the ear to keep sound from leaking out as much, but when I pulled them out enough to break the seal, the receiver wire would be away from my head making the aids more visible. The only way I could get a good, comfortable fit that stayed in and the wire against my head was the open dome and I had too much feedback for that.

The Kirkland Signature are RIC, aren’t they? Mine have the receivers in the aids themselves, so perhaps there’s a better chance of getting tulip domes for mine.

I haven’t used a public restroom since I’ve been wearing the aids, so I haven’t experienced the “chirp” in such a place.

I’ve just noticed that if I whistle at a certain pitch (or range of pitches) I hear two tones – the pitch at which I am whistling and another one “beating” with it.

We have one piece of electrical equipment with a small high-speed fan (so it makes a fairly high-pitched sound), which I thought might become annoying when I am wearing my HAs. I can’t say that it’s annoying, but I do notice that it seems louder when I turn my left ear towards it than when I turn my right ear towards it.

I have not tries them, but you may find domes at http://precisehearing.com/tubes-domes

You can look at their photos to try & match your tubes if they do not list an exact match. They seem to list an Insite Free and an Insite P BTE.

They also have pictures of the various dome styles & sizes.

I am finding that the left aid keeps whistling at me if I bring the left side of my head close (a few inches) to a hard surface, e.g., if I am looking into a closet with a left-hinged door.

I also noticed that when I was sitting several feet behind my wife while she was using the computer some keystrokes triggered the chirp.

Our church building is looped, but I found that the regular program was better than the t-loop one. The latter seemed to be reproducing only the higher frequencies, and there may even have been a tiny delay. I assume that the frequency response of the t-loop setting can be adjusted too.

The setting for noisy environments seemed to work OK while I was chatting to people after worship, but I didn’t try switching from one program to the other to compare them.

I did tell a couple of my ex-military friends that they should see about getting their aids through the VA (free or nearly so), but they seem to be far less convinced than their wives that they are ready for HAs.

I have a follow-up visit scheduled for Friday, so I hope something can be done about the whistles and chirps.

Good point, I didn’t think of that. Maybe tulips would be available.

Well, I hope they can get the feedback taken care of for you, they really are good aids.

With the Kirklands I had, the regular speech in noise program was very good. I also had the outdoor/nature program as program 5 and it had even more background noise suppression so I used it for really difficult background situations and it worked great for that.

I went back today and had the aids adjusted. The whistling and chirping seem to have gone.

I received my Insite+ BTE’s on 7/15 and the first adjustment two weeks later. Being new to hearing aids, I have no prior experience to draw from, however I’m very grateful to this forum in giving me information to get up to speed.

As others have expressed, I also had issues with feedback which seemed to have been resolved with this last adjustment. The other area which I had troubles was with the t-coil. Again improvement was made with a boost in the gain levels within the t-coil program. I’ve been very pleased with the Focus 360 program within a meeting situation the first time it was used and not so much the second time. Different room the second time. I used the music program the second time to hear that time.

The adventure continues…

I had my second follow-up today, and the audi fitted different tubes and tips, as the original ones had started popping a fair way out of my ears.

He also added the Focus 360 and music programs, but I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet.

I had a demo of the Blu RCU, but I’m still thinking about it.

I hope you don’t mind me jumping on your thread Z300M. I just ordered some Rexton Insites yesterday! I however chose CIC.

I have a question… does anyone know what the equivalent ‘brand-name model’ of the Insite is? I know they are Siemens, partly because the box she put my moulds into had SIEMENS on it ;). But which model of Siemens are they?

She first showed me both the Insite and the Bridge models, but I went for the Insite… from what I can remember on the screen it may of had RX38 Insite - but that is all I can remember. I do remember it had 16 channels compared to the Bridge which had 8. I wish I could remember more - I think they should print off the list of features for you to take away with you. Anyway, I’m so excited by the thought that I will have some hearing aids 7 - 10 days from now, that I wanna read up as much as I can on the type I ordered. The rexton site is not very helpful, so if I knew the
Siemens they most fit with, I would look at that instead. I’m going to order the remote / blu rcu too.

Were you all this excited when you ordered your aids?

OK, I think I have the answer.

Siemens Motion 701 !
The literature from the Siemens site says …

  • they have 16 channels (which the Rexton Insite has)
  • and that they are the only CIC hearing aids that have wireless technology, (which the Rexton Insite has).

It feels weird answering my own questions, but I’m putting it here for others who may want to know. cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

That not weired, its very nice to share answer if you find it.


Most of the Motion Series (301, 501, 701, 901) have wireless CIC style. The Motion 101 appears to be the exception here (They cannot use the Tek.).

Here is the Siemens brochure.

I guess I wasn’t very clear in how I worded my post… I meant of the Siemens models… the Motion are the only CIC that are wireless, (Nitro and Lotus CIC aren’t wireless).

So once I narrowed down the wireless CIC model, I compared the few basic details I had of the Insite, which is that it has 16 channels, and the Motion 701 is the only Motion which also has that many channels. That’s how I figured the Rexton Insite and Siemens Motion 701 are a match. :slight_smile: (I guess it won’t matter when I can actually go and pick up my hearing aids! :p)

Hello Nine
Another Aussie here, from Sunny Queensland. I am envious that you have been able to purchase aids from Costco. They dont have a store here yet!

heya smiley

I’m a displaced Gold Coaster (and ‘sunny’ I do miss!)

The Costco store here is crazy. The crowds are insane, because as you know there isn’t any stores of its kind here. I don’t like crowds much so its a bit hellish going there, but the hearing aid part is not far from teh entrance and its quieter there because well not many people go shopping for hearing aids :stuck_out_tongue: I think in a few months when the novelty of this type of store has worn off, it will be nicer to go there.

Your Siemens Pure 701s are probably similar to the Motion 701s? (which is what I got but they are Rexton Insite at Costco). How much did your aids cost you? I just found my receipt… I paid $1449.99 each (total of $2899.98) why can’t they just round up! I got both for less than it would of cost to get just one of the recommended aids from the private audi. And it seems to be the same here as in US… 90 day trial, as many re-visits as I need, refund or try different aids if I want… much better than what private places can offer, so its not hard to see why so many try this route.

I think it already has had an affect (on customers anyway). I had my appointment Sat 13 Aug. I originally went in there Mon 8 Aug as that was my day off. I discovered that the audiologist’s day off is also a Mon, as she works Tuesday through to Sunday. Anyway I was there with the girl trying to work out a time I could get there and every suggestion I had for a time was received with “sorry totally booked out then”… and she showed me the book and sure enough every time-slot was pencilled in with bookings. the store had only been open about 3 weeks at that point, yet somehow people have found out about it… and as its the only viable option of obtaining hearing aids for many people, they are seizing the opportunity. I think its great!

I hope my purchase goes well too :smiley: If it doesn’t I will no doubt grumble about it here somewhere… and if it goes well I will rave about it here too, as you people are the only ones that ‘get it’. People in my life with normal hearing don’t quite care about it, and I think I drive them bonkers with it all :rolleyes:

I was going to order the Tek when I went to pick up my aids, but perhaps I will wait for the mini Tek. I didn’t see any when I was there, and she didn’t mention it. Being able to adjust the volume is something I’m really keen for, and of course to change programs. I’m not much of a bluetooth user, but this will be a good excuse to update my mobile phone :stuck_out_tongue:

The Pure Series are RIC/RITE. The Motion Series are BTE. Open, CIC, etc. So, they are likely similar, but there are some differences.