Just got my Phonak Cros aid and

I got my Phonak cros aids 2 weeks ago. I have no usable hearing in my left ear due to sudden hearing loss a few years ago. A regular aid does not work on me as my speech recognition is only at 10%. My audi recommended the new Phonak cros that just came out this year. It seems to help somewhat but the background noise is hard to get past. I find it actually hinders me in certain situations. She said I will get used to it but so far I have not. My own voice is very distorted and all the “S” sounds come out as whistles and is very annoying. Using the telephone is unbearable because my own voice is so loud and distorted that I almost get a headache and have to pull the aid out of my ear. I know that the brain will get used to hearing with aids when they are used in both ears, but with cros aids there really is no hearing in both ears so I’m wondering if the brain ever gets used to this distortion. Has anyone had success with a cros aid? It seems that I am gaining in certain situations, but losing in others. Is it really worth it in the end.

I have had the Phonak Audeo S Smart V and Phonak Bicros aids since April. I have no usable hearing in the right ear and high frequency loss in the left due to sudden hearing loss. I trialed two different single aids and was not satisfied with the results. Although I have not experienced the outstanding results with the Bicros system reported by other forum users, it is still the best that I have found, certainly better than a single aid or no aid at all. My audiologist and I spent several hours trying various settings and programs. I got the Phonak myPilot remote after I had used the aids for a while and it helped a lot. Being able to select programs and adjust the volume in each aid or both at one time has proved to be a major improvement for me. I know the situation can be very frustrating at times. I certainly was. Keep working with your audiologist and things hopefully will get better. Vic

My suggestions are:

  1. Have the sound recover decreased slightly, this is most likely what is causing the whistling your report with /s/ sounds…I wouldn’t suggest turning it off completely however. Your audi is correct in that it will take getting used to however he/she might be able to reduce the annoyance slightly until you are used to it and then increase it back up.
  2. The hearing aid might just be too loud. Ask if the audi can decrease the volume slightly so that it is more tolerable with the understanding that you will increase it back when you’ve become accustomed to the lower settings.

I would say it is definitely worth it in the end, but you have to give your time to form new neural pathways to accommodate the new type of hearing you have. CROS/Bi-CROS HA’s are some of the most difficult to adjust to. Hang in there!

I have had my BICROS since March. While no miracle, it is better than one aid. The programing is the key to better satisfaction. Ask your audi to schedule the factory rep at your next appointment. Also, search this discussion on the Forum “Hiss Burst after words” with the Phonak Spice aids.

Thank you for your replies. Well I wore the Cros for a full 11 hours yesterday as instructed by my audi and when I took them off I had terrible ringing in my good ear. This worries me. I’ve had loud ringing in my bad ear since the sudden hearing loss, but my good ear was always OK. I tried to turn the volume down but I think the audi has it set on one level because I noticed no difference when trying to turn down the volume. I asked her last time to give me volume controls but she said if I turn it down I won’t get any benefit. In unsually noisy situations where it was unbearable, I just took the wire out of my ear temporarily.

I was doing some googling on Cros users and it said that people with normal hearing in the good ear (which I have) generally don’t do very well with the Cros. It distorts the good hearing ear and sounds tinny and mechanical. It said that those who have some hearing loss in the good ear do better.

Also the cros really didn’t help me in noisy situations which is what I wanted the aid for in the first place. I do OK normally in quiet situations without the aid, but with the aid I had trouble in quiet situations. I’m just not sure if this is for me. I have 2 weeks left of my 30 day trial to decide. Speaking of trials, some have posted that they have a 75-90 day trial and my audi told me at Phonak gives 30 days. What gives?

Tell your audi you need at least 60 days trial or you are going to return them. The manufacturer gives the audi a full 60 days, so she should give you the same. If she doesn’t, return them and get a new audi and try a different brand with only one aid.

I’ve tried a single aid three different times from three different companies including a Transear and they do not help me as my bad ear is unaidable. I have a speech discrimination score of only 10% in the bad ear. I guess if this fails my only other option would be a BAHA, but I am a little hesitant about getting a hole drilled into my skull.

One should always take caution when interpreting information from the internet. However, this is a correct observation. Likelihood of success with CROS hearing aids is highly variable. It is simply not a solution for some individuals.

What about the trans-ear didn’t work? A BAHA uses the same concept, bone conduction to transmit sounds to the good ear so if a trans-ear wasn’t successful, not sure a BAHA would be much better.

You can try it with a headband to see if it will work before undergoing surgery. I would highly recommend that first.

Hello group, this is my first post and just wanted to respond to the thread. I have used the Transear as well, but even with the bone conduction technology being great, it simply won’t work for all. My hearing loss is in my right ear. I have a functional cochlea but the nerve from the cochlea doesn’t exist. This is partly the reason I feel the Transear did not work for me. The conduction had to travel to my left side which by then, the oscillations was just not as strong. I could place a ear plug in my left ear thenplace the Transear up against the bone behind my left ear and hear great. I have looked into the Soundbite from Sonitus, but after calling three of the audiologist listed on their websites and no one being able to provide up front pricing of the soundbite, I opted to try the Phonak Cros.

I just received my Phonak Cros and Audeo Smart V aid Friday and am hoping that with a few adjustments, this will be a viable solution for me.

Hello Coman93
It sounds like you have the same hearing loss as me (a profound loss because the auditory nerve was destroyed but apparently my coclear and everything else would.) except that I have it in the opposite ear (left) from meningitis as a baby 38 years ago. I have never had to use hearing aids before but went to the audiologist for the first time in 22 years last month and found that my hearing in my right ear has shifted from a mild loss to a mid-moderate loss. This scared me quite a lot but I kind of expected it though I hadn’t thought of it that way before. The audiologist has suggested trying the Phonak CROS aid . Normally I would have had only a week to try this but I was lucky and have managed to get a whole month with it. I’m now up to day 7. Its going pretty well but the test aids don’t have the volume switch on them. When I got it the audiologist told me it would sound different outside but I wasn’t sure if it was loud enough so asked them to turn it up a bit - now she has and its a bit too loud but its manageable. This is amazing! Do you or anyone know if there is a link between CROS devices and tinnitus? I have had some anyway recently because I guess of the hearing loss but wonder if the volume would contribute? I’m still very new at this and trying to find out as much as I can from people who have / are using it. Thank you