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I need a crash course on what I need…but I’ve from what I’ve been reading, the top companies are: Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, & GN Resound. (am I close?)
I’m leaning toward the Siemens Centra Active BTE. It seems like an all-around
good choice with recharging/regular batteries. I’m retired, but very active and sometimes attend sporting events where there are large crowds. I also suffer from Tinnitus. Please give me any thoughts on this or any other model which I should consider. My Audio said that the avg hearing aid lasts about 6 years; is that accurate? Then what? Do I have to buy another set? Or, can these be refurbished? They’re so expensive! Thanks for any help anyone can give me !

G’ma Sicily::confused:

The companys you listed are top-tier and their products, appropriately fit, should help considerably. As I have argued in a number of threads on this forum, while there are differences in hearing aid processing, the most important feature you can have is an educated, experienced audiologist to work with. Many products can be adapted to help you and your situations due to the open-ended programmability of most mid to high-tech hearing aids.

The things I would encourage you to be concerned with more than than the model itself are:

  1. Expertise and experience
  2. comfortable fit (if it ain’t comfortable, you won’t wear it)
  3. directional microphones
  4. a good trial period policy

I’m sure some others will give input on specific products, but these are my most important issues.

the average time people keep hearing aids is about 4-6 years. That doesn’t mean that they are worthless at 5 years, but usually patients will want a change, upgrade, new technology at that time. It is just the industry average. I have patients with 15 year old hearing aids, and I have some that change every three years.

Best of luck!

Hi G’ma

I agree with everything docg said. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! You can always come here and ask questions. Be sure to talk with your Audiologist about your specific lifestyle and sound environment, and also about what you can afford. There are some very good entry level and mid range hearing aids that will most likely do everything you need. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Check out the manufacturer’s web sites and use the search button here. Lots of info available. One thing to keep in mind: Hearing aids can’t restore your hearing to what it was when you were in your 20s. They can help you hear more clearly, in more situations, but please don’t expect perfection. I’d say to stick with the brands with which your audiologist has experience. Better odds that way. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


if you pick any instrument from the above companies chances are you will be a good support, i would say this are very good companies with very good support…

you have to consider who fits the aids, make sure the audi or HIS is fully aware of the ins and outs of that fitting software. I would also suggest to consider the mid price instruments, all the above brands have good aids
consider the GN Pixel, Oticon tego, Phonak Extra… etc

Wendie 99

Thank you so much for your input; I have an appt. for selection tomorrow. One more brand was mentioned as “the best” to my husband, the Starkey Destiny 1600. Any thoughts on that one? I will keep researching and gathering as much info as I can. So glad I found this forum! Thanx to everyone!


i wouldnt say there is a brand superior to others
some brand has subset of products superior to others
example, phonak has the best FM systems - Oticon the best wireless,
most mid price instruments are either identical… so it really boils down to the service

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