Just a little something for the new year.

New Years’ Eve is coming soon and what a time it’s been.
I’m writing on a tablet 'cause my laptop quit again.
But I try to count my blessings and it’s not so hard to do:
I’m eating and I sleep indoors to mention just a few.
So overall I’m doing well; the dogs are healthy too.
To wrap it up I’ll use this line to wish the same for you.


That reminded me of my daughter in May at age 38 contracted COVID-19 as an ICU nurse taking care of COVID patients, some of whom weren’t long for the world. She thinks she got ill from lack of adequate changes of PPE, which in the early days of the pandemic, she had to use the gloves, mask, gown, many, many times over. For her, COVID was just a very nasty, nasty case of a flu-like illness, not life-threatening. But quarantining at home in a 1500 sq. ft. house with her hubby and 2 young kids, it was hard to social distance. So since it was getting quite warm in her area of the country, she camped out in a tent in the backyard. Her hubby brought food to the tent door and when they gave her the all-clear that they were hiding out in a room for a while, she’d come in to use the bathroom, shower, etc., until her 14-days (then) of isolation were over.

So I think the daughter would very much agree with you now to count the blessings of sleeping indoors, as well as having nothing worse happen to herself. OTH, in spite of that, she and her family have gone to visit her hubby’s aged parents in Ohio for the holidays! (ouch!) whereas we’re only zooming to get together with her. The in-laws are not worried because they think they’ve already had COVID - got very ill early in the pandemic, went to bed for about 10 days thinking that they were going to die, but survived but for some reason, maybe tests weren’t widely available back in March, etc. never got tested for virus or antibodies. So I hope the in-laws are right about prior exposure. Otherwise, for anyone who wonders why the pandemic is still ongoing, my daughter may be making a contribution in more ways than one (they flew to Ohio, too!).