Jumping in and getting noahlink wireless

Hey. Fed up with quebec audio refusing to take charge of customers that went out of province fir cheaper ha. Soooo getting a Noah link wireless to be able to play with options. I read about it a lot. I played with target alot.

Feeling confident. Do i need to be wary of used Noah link wireless?
Do i need to buy any connection wires ither then the wires it comes with?


The Noahlink Wireless should come with a USB connection, that is it.
Frustration is what drove a bunch of us to self programming, that and money.
Buy your Noahlink Wireless from a seller with good feedback. Ask questions before buying. Have a good feeling about the seller and how they back up the sell before buying.
Good luck.


First step - import the data from HAs into Target. Don’t click around, but on save and exit. Mark ‘save to database’. You just made your backup.

Also, looking at notes is tricky, so you might either have a bunch of users and use name/surname to describe what you’re doing or just have a note in other program what you did each session.

Target won’t show you log of your modifications nor difference from previous session. So, pen+paper or txt file or whatever you like, and write down steps.

Also, don’t touch that backup, but repeat the process for new user to start making adjustments there.

Read all warnings and notes that jump out and all info signs.

Don’t do many changes at once considering hearing itself.

I think that’s about it :slight_smile:

Target will show your notes if you ask nicely;

Those notes you’re speaking of are the one you enter manually.

Target won’t show list of changes you did, eg no versioning control. So if you want to track changes, you have to write it down yourself.

You might write that to target notes.

But if you want to find session where you did this out that, target notes (those you write yourself) aren’t helpful because you first need to load the session to access it.

So skipping it all together works better.

oic; Yes I was talking about client notes and mistakenly remembered that as session notes, Sorry.

Here’s what I do (in Genie not Target). I write client notes with the date plus a cryptic note to indicate what that day’s session(s) was about. Though I must admit, sometimes my notes are too cryptic to be useful?

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