Jonn @ Precise Hearing

I earlier posted that I was looking for cleaning tubes for a set of Phonak Nios V’,what I am actually looking for is the plastic wire that you insert and push through the tube to accomplish cleaning.I wrote the post first thing in the morning and after reviewing later,after having allready posted,realized I may not have been clear with my Question.TY to Raudrive for replying.How would I get in touch with John @ precise hearing?TY

This might work

Any hearing aid provider would have these in your area as you can use almost any manufacturer’s cleaning wires with any other manufacturers slim tubes as the diameters are the same. They are dirt cheap and you might even get some for free or minimal cost.

Sorry, but this is not always correct. I asked my audi in Tampa, FL for 6 years for something like this, and they denied it existed. Lying so-an-sos! I knew there had to be a tool for this!

In a pinch you could use monofilament fishing line, about 20#.

I have ordered domes form Precise Hearing and each package will have a couple of these cleaning devices in the package.

I also bought a neat cleaning kit off eBay. It has a number of small tools for cleaning hearing aids. I posted about it some time back.

Good luck