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I’m not liking the position of the Join Group blue thing in the lower right. It’s over top of the quick scroller thingy stopping me from using it. And it covers another blue thing that I can’t see because it’s covered.
This is on my antique BlackBerry with stock browser.


You’re right. It’s an annoyance. Why is a FB group even necessary?


Because some people are addicted to FB (my neighbor is) and they ignore all other things. If a tree falls in the forest and no one posted a picture on FB then it doesn’t make any noise :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pics or it didn’t happen!
I don’t use it. Whatever people want to do is fine. My gripe is with the location of the little prompt on my browser.


Just put a piece of black electrician’s tape over the bottom right of your screen. Hahahaha.

Or on a more serious note look for other applications on the Internet and suggest an alternative?


My alternative is uBlock origin. Fixed it.


Well…seeing as how someone has changed the topic title…maybe while they’re there they could fix that “widget” and get it out of the way of more useful buttons on the screen.
If I manually scroll all the way down then sure the quick scroll gets out from under that widget. But that’s kinda not the point of the quick scroll is it?


Yes, it is annoying.

  1. Which browser were you using when you added uBlock; Chrome? Firefox?
  2. uBlock doesn’t seem to work for me on Firefox/Win 10.
  3. Do you know if uBlock is blocking this from FB website or is it blocking from HearingTracker website?


Okay, I got rid of the pesky widget like this; Note that I already had the Firefox Add-on (Adblock Plus) installed on my Firefox browser.

Added Fanboy’s Annoyance List to Adblock Plus by clicking a link in EasyList; Note that Fanboy’s Social Blocking List is already included, thus there is no need to subscribe to it if you already have Fanboy’s Annoyance List. If you already have Fanboy’s Social Blocking List you should remove it.

Then I added the following three filters using Firefox/Add-ons/Adblock Plus Options/Advanced/+ADD A NEW FILTER LIST




I’ve just joined the group to see what’s going on there, but I dislike Facebook for anything like this. It’s hard to search for old Facebook postings, which limits its usefulness other than during the course of the discussion, and results in the same topics being discussed over and over.

  1. Chrome with uBlock Origin
  2. uBlock origin is preventing my system from loading Facebook widgets from the HT server (I think). uBlock Origin filter log (partial) is attached.
  3. I have no custom filters, just the Fanboy Annoyances list and Social Media Blocking enabled. I will play with these.

I guess my point is I don’t see the value added to this community by having a separate FB group.


What Facebook thing? :sweat_smile:


This one.

The large line points to it. The smaller line underneath points to the quick scroll thingy that I can’t get to because of that infernal button.


Assuming that screenshot was taken before I deactivated it?


A refresh is needed as well. For Blackberry do a refresh, and optionally put a finger to your HA and shout “I want to sell ten GOOG December 1080/1075 call spread for a credit of $1.50 or better” (just ribbing…).


Thanks @abram_bailey_aud. No it was taken at the moment I replied to you. And indeed now it’s gone.

@sweet: I know I know it’s an antique but it still does what I need it to do. :slight_smile: I’ll keep it until it no longer does or HA’s and smartphones figure themselves out to fulfill my wishlist.