"Japan's treatment of mice with stem cells, "deafness"

"Japan’s treatment of mice with stem cells, “deafness”
Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare Group, a recently implanted stem cells in mice have hearing impairment of the inner ear, the success of the restoration of some hearing mice.

According to Japan’s “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported that researchers said that in the inner ear hair cells, fibroblasts, and if dead, will cause hearing loss. At present, the cause of the death of hair cells in hearing loss is difficult to use stem cell therapy. In this experiment, they are mainly trying to treat stem cells with fibroblasts resulted in the death of hearing loss.

First of all researchers to make the mouse inner ear fiber cell death, and then extract stem cells in bone marrow of mice and implanted into the inner ear of mice, to observe the hearing can be improved. Two weeks later, researchers found that treatment with stem cells, six mice restore hearing average 60%.

Abnormal cells or inner ear dysfunction was considered with sudden deafness and Meniere’s disease and other diseases, new research for the treatment of these diseases has provided new ideas".
source: http://lifescien.blogspot.com/2009/04/japans-treatment-of-mice-with-stem.html

The 14th Kyoto ENT Conference Program
日 時:平成21年4月11日(土) 9:00~15:30 Date: 2009 Saturday, April 11 09:00 to 15:30
場 所:ウェスティン都ホテル京都 「コスモスホール」 Venue: Westin Hotel Kyoto capital “Cosmos Hall”
会場整理費:3,000円也 Organize expenses Venue: Seiya 3,000 yen

Ⅰ群(9:00~10:00) Ⅰ group (9:00 - 10:00)
座長:辻 純(京都医療センター) Chair: Jun Tsuji (Kyoto Medical Center)

    1. 人工多能性幹細胞(iPS細胞)の内耳移植に向けての取り組み-続報 西村 幸司(京都大学) Artificial pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) transplantation for the efforts of the inner ear - Nishimura Kouzi update (Kyoto University)
  1. Two. パーキンソン病モデルマウスの聴覚に関する検討 濵口 清海(京都大学) Study on auditory濵口清海mouse model of Parkinson’s disease (Kyoto University)
  2. Three. EP2・EP4作動薬は内耳中VEGFタンパク量・mRNA量を増加させる 堀 龍介(京都大学) EP2 EP4 agonist is a protein amount of VEGF mRNA in the inner ear Hori Ryuusuke increase the amount of (Kyoto University)
  3. Four. リドカイン内耳局所投与における分子機構の解明 堀江 理恵(京都大学) Horie Rie molecular mechanism of the inner ear in the administration of topical lidocaine (Kyoto University)
  4. Five. ウアバイン障害後のラセン神経節への骨髄間葉系細胞由来神経前駆細胞の移植 扇田 秀章(京都大学) Akira Hide Ougida transplantation of neural progenitor cells of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal cells of spiral ganglion after failure to ouabain (Kyoto University)
  5. Six. マウス発生過程における転写因子oligの発現について 吉田 充裕(京都大学) Mouse transcription factor in the process of expression for olig Makoto Hiroshi Yoshida (Kyoto University)
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