Jabra Enhance Pro distortion like cracked speaker

That’s going to be different from what initially described as a cracked speaker effect. I think my experience is more along the lines of “latency” where I hear most conversational sounds naturally through vented domes and portions of those same sounds also processed through the hearing aids at some time interval milliseconds later.

My solution was vast amounts of tinkering, first with the Jabra app. I moved the base/mid/treble sliders around a bit. Changed the noise reduction settings. Changed overall volume. After that, I went into DIY mode and spent untold hours tinkering. In the end, I am more satisfied with my own programming settings and basically leave them alone all day.

One thing you might focus on is the Noise Reduction feature. Move it off the “automatic” default mode. I found that mode caused annoying processing changes on occasion. It also could be your gains are set too high in the higher frequencies. There’s that feedback manager that can trigger unexpected sounds.

Absolutely you need to discuss your issues with your provider. Usually, they will be quite familiar with what to change in the programming settings that you won’t have access to via the app alone.

Appreciate the tips! I’ll probably make another appointment with my HAD at Costco to if they can make any further improvements while I wait for the NOAHLink to arrive. Main worry is that I could have a defective device that’s causing the static pops/crackling but it’s all still very new to me, so it’s hard to be certain if it’s faulty or just needs some fine tuning. Hearing the static sound in both ears has me thinking it’s the latter though.

Have a feeling I will so be spending countless hours tinkering too, but that’s generally an enjoyable process!

Those occasional static/pops sound more familiar to me now thinking back, but unrelated to my issues when I made my initial post here. I don’t remember what tweaking I did, but I made the pops go away quickly during DIY. It may have been under Impulse Noise Reduction where a lot of over-processed harsh sounds (clanging dishes and pots, etc) can be toned down.

They have an Environmental Optimizer II setting in SmartFit that can tame down those eradic high freqs and shrill sounds like when your hair bushes against the aid body. Also, does it go away when you turn down high or mid freqs in the app? If so, might just need some gain adjustments in the higher freqs and maybe some freq lowering to move those sounds into a more comfortable freq range? Just a guess…

New user here. Brand new Jabra Enhanced 100. The sound (while streaming ONLY) kind of sounds like a blown tweeter in my relly loud speakers I used to listen to. I’m impressed with the hearing aid part but the streaming really sounds pretty awful. I have my Google Meet orientation with Jabra on Monday and will see if they have some valid suggestions/fixes and will post here.

Just signed up for this forem.
I got my Jabras middle of May from Costco in Canada. I too have a distortion while streaming, sounds like someone frying bacon in the background. I had Costco send them back to Jabra I’ll let you know the outcome when I get them back. It’s been 3 weeks. Seems like a long time to be without them. IDK.
Has anyone had a resolution to this?

I am experiencing the same issue with my Jabras that I received in July from COSTCO - soft static/crackling noises like frying bacon or Alka Seltzer in a glass of water. The noises occur when I am riding in the car while it is moving, watching television, or talking on my iPhone. To me, the noises seem to sync up with the music beats from my car radio and when people are talking on television and the iPhone. Otherwise, I don’t hear them. The static is in both hearing aids. Could it be an electrical interference/Bluetooth issue? COSTCO did try to fix the static, but their strategy didn’t work; they also offered to send my hearing aids back to Jabra to fix. I thought I would reach out to you first to see whether you had a solution to the problem from Jabra/COSTCO that I could share with my audi.

It’s almost certainly peak clipping and the fix is to increase the MPO or to reduce the output at higher signal levels or both. The fact it happens in both aids points at a fitting issue not a hardware fault.

Sorry to hear you’re having the same issue. Jabra did replace both HAs but the problem persists. I have been trying to figure out what may be causing it and it seems to only happen with certain music artists and certain peoples voices. I had the audiologist make some gain reductions in what seem to be the problem range and so far so good, but it’s only been a couple of days and I have gone longer than that with no issues. Re David’s comment, the audi did show me on her computer that we are nowhere what Jabra shows as the clipping point. Bottom line - I have no idea. Good luck. Let us know if you have any success.

Hi everyone. This seems to be recurrent issue with no known solution on the Resound/Jabra hearing aids. A quick search with the keywords “Resound”, “Distortion”, “crackling”, “clipping”… reveals this.

I experienced that, and it wasn’t peak clipping, as raising the MPO did nothing. Also, it was happening with regular receivers, not M&RIE.

The solution for me was the DIY route where I:

  • Got the HA to a blank state
  • Updated the firmware

After that, the crackling was completely gone.

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Some issues are related to M&RIE, I think that Resound was too generous with fitting range, and IMHO they need more closed fit. I was testing M&RIE Omnias alongside Signias and went with Signias due to constant feedback issues [also Signias sounded more natural to me].